Digging deeper for the truth

Digging deeper for the truth

We think we know the truth, our version of it at least and we then remain content with it.

But, the truth is like an egg.

Let me elaborate that statement.

The truth we know is like the outer shell of that egg.

In order to get beyond what you know and have more clarity, you have to break that outer shell.

You have to dig deeper.

Will you find the truth?

You never know until you dig.

Until you’re curious to know more.

To explore more.

To learn more.

Until you’re ready to see beyond your own truth.

Until you’re ready to accept another perspective to your own.

For that you will have to keep digging deeper.

For the truth.

Then you can match it with what you knew before.

And be thankful that you dug deeper.


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One Plus One equals

One Plus One equals

The sooner we learn this as a society, the better we’ll be able to perform, the better we’ll be able to build relationships and the better we’ll be able to grow together.

When you ask someone,

What does one plus one equal to?

What do you think the answer is?

Someone might say, the answer is 2.

Someone might say, the answer is 3.

Someone might say, 11. They might.

Someone could answer something else, I’m not even sure of the options now.

The bottom line being, everyone has a different understanding of things, and their answers will be different too.

Not everyone will answer the same together.

That’s what we need to understand.

That and one more thing…

Not everyone wants to know the correct answer nor your explanation of it.

They’re happy with their answer irrespective of it being right or wrong.

Being right is subjective and for them, they are right.

The problem arises when two parties say we are right at the same time and then try to explain why they are.

Things escalate when they say the other is wrong.

I don’t want to say what is right or wrong here, only the understanding of it.

Beyond the Clouds!

Beyond the Clouds!

Sometimes clouds, dark clouds take over the sky, making it dark and dense.

At such moments, the sky isn’t visible, the rays of the sun aren’t visible.

It seems dark even in the lightest moments of the day.

However, what we should know is this…

Beyond the clouds, the bright, beautiful and the blue sky is still there and the sun is still shining out there.

It’s just that we can’t see any of it beyond the clouds, but it’s there.

It is so beautifully connected with life as well.

Where sometimes life is overshadowed by such dense clouds, even though temporary, that we lose our perspective of it being temporary and knowing that the beautiful life full of colours is still out there.

We just need to have a perspective of knowing what’s beyond the clouds even if we cannot see it.



When you tell yourself, that I’ll do this ‘later’, what are you actually telling yourself?

In simple terms, it means that you don’t want to do that something right now and you’ll do it at a later point of time.

Although, if you break it down, it means, that certain something isn’t a priority for you to take care of it right now.

Well, in that terms, what is the priority of that thing on a scale of 1 – 5? 1 being the highest and 5 being the lowest.

Well, if its anything beyond a 3, then the probability of you taking on that thing at a later point of time seems unlikely.

A simple reason is because, one, its not that important to you, second, on a day-to-day basis or a weekly basis, there will be something that is going to replace things on the priority scale of 1 and 2.

On the basis of which, things beyond 3 aren’t going to be taken care of at all.

What’s the alternative?

Either take on only one or two things at a time, so there’s no point of pushing something to ‘later’.

Or being well-organized to a point that you complete that entire list of 1 – 5, irrespective of how many other tasks or things come on to your plate.

The Dice

The Dice

Have you ever rolled the dice?

The probability is, you have.

A dice, in the form of a cube, has six numbers, from 1-6, one on each side of it.

You try rolling for a number that you wish for.

You try harder.

You try different styles.

However, when it leaves your hand and falls on the board, you never know what number is going to come up until its on the board.

You might appreciate the outcome or you might get disappointed by it.

Either or.

That dice has such a metaphorical meaning though.

To life.

Every step we take in our life, has a different outcome.

We don’t know that outcome.

Until it happens.

We roll with life, wishing for something to happen, but sometimes it ain’t in our hands.

Again, whether we appreciate that outcome or be disappointed by it is up to us.

But at least, we tried, right?