Knowing who you are!

Knowing who you are!

People look at my content and confuse me with being a motivational speaker.

I don’t blame them. As someone looking at my content, without having any perspective of my life or my ambitions, I would think the same.

But let’s shed some light on it today.

I’m living a life with constant experimentations and in a way, I’ve been on both sides of the coin and quite recently, fortunate to be on the right side of it.

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Thus, with a single aim of sharing what I’m learning, with my perspective on life, I’m being a thought contributor here, not a motivational speaker.

As I walk down this path, and live my life with my ambition on my mind, I live, I learn, I experiment, I share and I contribute. That’s the story of my personal brand. #RTH24

What can one voice do?

What can one voice do?

Everyone has this one thought on their mind…

What can I do with my voice?

Should I raise my voice on a particular topic, but what if I’m the only one?

Would it make a difference?

We are a population of 7.3 billion people, what can one voice even do?

It’s better to be quiet, than to be loud and not be attended to.

However, should this be our thought process?

Wouldn’t it be better to speak your mind?

Raise your voice?

You never know the support that’s out there? The like-minded people who are ready to raise their voice with you, but they were waiting for someone to raise it first?

Plus, what’s the worst that can happen?

You support a particular topic, you put your voice to it, but you don’t get any support at all.

But, you still love it right?

Then it doesn’t matter anymore! On top of that, once everyone sees your passion and your love, they’ll automatically start backing your voice.

That’s always been the case!

I Made a Mistake!

I Made a Mistake!

I thought what is right for me is right for everyone!

That was my mistake!

I introduced the changes I needed in my life and thought these changes should be applicable to everyone!

I had the mindset of ‘Change’ on my mind.

What was needed was Self Awareness.

It was only right for me.

My job, as someone who became self-aware of who he was, what is important, what is not, and what do I need… My job is to bring that self-awareness to the table.

I can only share what I know.

Not lay it on other people.

That awareness will give people the option of the changes, what it is about, and whether they’d like to accept it or not.

3 Things I learnt while flying!

3 Things I learnt while flying!

I love flying, and whoever knows me, knows that the window seats are my thing.

No matter what’s the duration, I’ll be at my seat, with no disturbances from others, and get the best sunrise/sunset views from the top (I’ve some good pictures).

For me, flying is the best time to ponder over my thoughts. Look into the atmosphere, open up to yourself and you’ll realize how deep you can think and how effective it is.

One such instance happened the last time I flew, when I was in my thought process and something amazing struck me.

And as I pondered over it, I went deep into that thought and as an outcome,
👉🏻 I’ve come up with three amazing lessons that can be learnt while flying!

A. Problems from the Top

All of us have problems on a daily basis, day-to-day micro issues or macro problems.

We worry about them, all the time.

However, have you noticed, while flying, when you’re at top, looking down from the sky and all you can see is land, lights and ocean.

When you look down from that macro perspective, you tend to relate it with life, how long your life is and how we let tiny, minute issues affect our life, affect our day and probably make us unnecessarily stressful.

B. Materialism from the Top

This seems to be an irony, considering you’re in an airplane. But, hear me out!

We are surrounded with materialistic items around us, either the ones that we have, or the ones we are chasing, or the ones that others have that we now want.

Could be anything, you know what materialistic means, right?

However, when you are x amount of feet up in the air, when none of those things are around you, or can be seen by you, have you ever thought how important are those things in your life?

All you can see from the top is the nature, the sky, the sun, the land and the ocean.

Not even humans.

Just these things. The ones that actually surround us.

Everything else just seems the same from the top.

C. Don’t worry about the things that are not in your control

Have you ever realized that, while flying, your life isn’t in your hands at all? Your pilot is in control of the flight, and thus your life too.

Every time there’s turbulence, everyone starts freaking out, but is it in your control?

You have to trust someone else, in this case, the pilot to get things under control.

In the same way, there are a lot of things in life out of control, where we can’t do anything about it, there’s no point stressing out about it. You can simply trust the process, trust the universe, trust the person who has the control.

//Are you able to relate to any of these pointers?

//Do you have any other thoughts when you’re flying?

The first 15 minutes of the day!

The first 15 minutes of the day!

What if I tell you,

when you wake up in the morning,

the first 15 minutes of your day has an impact on your entire day.

Those 15 minutes decide whether you’re going to have a good day or a bad day!


In that initial fifteen minutes, if you think that you had less sleep, you’re waking up tired, you wish you didn’t have to work today, if you could stay in bed for the whole day,

guess what,

those thoughts have an impact on the entire day and the day’s events will proceed in that manner.


On the other hand, if you wake up with the thoughts of gratitude, thanking for this life that you have, that you woke up, that you have the ability to accomplish so much this day and every day,

guess what,

you have set a positive tone to the day and you’ll feel more joyful to accomplish as many tasks as possible, during the day.


Would you like to make a difference to your thoughts when you wake up?

That choice is up to you.

The definition of ‘Opinion’

The definition of ‘Opinion’

Everyone holds people’s opinions on a pedestal and base their lives around it!

However, have you ever read the definition of an ‘opinion’?

A view or a judgement formed about something, not necessarily based on fact or knowledge.

The opinion is not based on facts neither does the person have the 100% knowledge of your life?

Then why are these opinions so important?

Think about it.

Listening to the Right People!

Listening to the Right People!

With the internet in its current form, everyone has a voice, some use it positively, to impact people, some people use it to sell something, some people use it negatively, to bring others down!

Earlier, in the initial social media days, or even before that, this wasn’t the case!

When a person saw a billboard or a visual/audio show or an ad, the platform was trusted enough to trust the information too.

With social media and the uprise of people on it, there are too many voices out there!

When you seek information on the internet, you need to be self-aware of who you are, what do you seek and listen to the right person.

On a number of occasions, people are in a hurry and conclude their hunt for the information, with the first person they find and base their opinions according to a single person’s point of view too.

If you’re listening to someone, be sure of the experience they have and what their intentions are.

If you’re buying something, ensure of the brand and their approach. (especially if it’s an online service)

The key is to listen to the right people.