“Circumstances didn’t allow me to…”

“Circumstances didn’t allow me to…”

“I wanted to, but the circumstances didn’t allow me to…”

Isn’t it easier to blame everything on circumstances?

We all do it.

It’s more difficult to not let exterior events or actions hinder our progress and not let it stop from achieving what we set out to do.

The opposite is easier.

Well, the tough minds who do achieve, never blame anything or never even think of it.

Once they have the target in mind, they’ll achieve it or try achieving it, no matter what!

The mindset is important – if you want to do, then do and not let anything stop you.

What do you want to do?

Zazz Media’s Mission

Zazz Media’s Mission

Unless people don’t love the brands already, they usually don’t follow them on social media.

Even then, they’re under a constant hammering of promotional announcements and the brands’ sales funnels.

So, what is our mission?

We want to change the way people perceive brands on social media, and everywhere else too, on a macro basis.

At the same time, we also want to create valuable content for the brands, which ultimately brings that change for the consumers.

That’s the change Zazz Media is trying to bring. #OurMission

A Year Ago… My life changed!

A Year Ago… My life changed!

Today, I’m going to open up like never before, because this is my story and a crucial moment of my life which I’d like to share and also remember for the rest of my life.

Until a year ago (2018), I was the person who stressed about the tiniest of things, worried too much, felt entitled to a great extent.

Until a year ago, I cared a lot about people’s opinions and their judgements – my actions were a pre-determined step of those opinions. Although, I was no victim here because I did the same with others, most of the times in my head.

Until a year ago, I was the person who hadn’t done any physical exercise for 2+ years.

Until a year ago, if someone had said that Mindset is the most important thing you should know about, I wouldn’t have paid attention to that.

Until a year ago, I hadn’t exactly mapped my actions with my ambitions, to build the Zazz empire – there was no What’s the Zazz, Live the Zazz Life and Zazzpreneurs back then. There was no podcast, no blog, no personal brand, no sharing of my values, my beliefs and my learnings.

P. S. While I write this, I also realize that its my 200th Blog Post, can’t wait when I write my 2000th Blog Post in a few years time.

Until a year ago, I didn’t know the kind of changes that would take place in my life over the next year and it’d make me a different person altogether.

So what changed?

Well, two things simultaneously happened which overlapped and made me realize it’s time for a change. One, my schedule at the time looked something like this – I was working late into the night, around 1 or 2 am, waking up around 11 am or 12 pm and those days looked like that on a daily basis, with the work done on a day to day basis. The second reason was even bigger, and it was just a seed in my head at the time, and I realized it to a full extent much later on – but here it is – I’d started Zazz Media in December 2015 with the thought of catering to the social media needs of the mid-sized firms and startups and execute it in a professional manner. Over time, at least in 2018, of course keeping the quality in tact, the clients are appreciating the work, money’s flowing in, but I kind of lost my purpose, lost my why and that was troubling.

When these two things happened, I realized that its time to make a change.

There were two catalysts which helped me change.

The first one and the most immediate one was the decision of reading ‘The Monk who sold his Ferrari’ by Robin Sharma – that book was an eye-opener, it introduced me to new concepts, brought a different perspective to my life and was the perfect, much-needed kick-start.

Before I introduce my second catalyst, another decision that was taken at the same time as reading the book, was a trip to Bangalore.

Very often, as you mature, you realize you need a small group of people around you, who are extremely close to you and these are the people who will help you grow and help you achieve your goals too.

I am fortunate enough to have such a close set of people around me, and in this instance, one of them was Mr. Debarghya Chatterjee who at the time was in Bangalore, thus the trip.

With the book and this trip being overlapping at the time, and the initial exposure to the concept of mindset, I started to act on the important things one after the other.

Whether it comes to waking up at 5.30 in the morning, or going for a quick run in the morning, from reading everyday to getting exposed to more inspirational and like-minded material, I had the opportunity to experience all of it and more in this trip to Bangalore.

Of course, all of this needed support, this and the long talks and healthy discussions, and more importantly the much-needed push of starting to push content right now itself, instead of waiting for a good time in the future, I’m ever so grateful to my brother, Debarghya for this love and support.

With all of these things now kickstarted in my life, it’s now time for the second catalyst, who’s inclusion changed my life for the better.

Gary Vaynerchuk, aka garyvee, my mentor, my inspiration, my role-model. Before I start with the how, let me also unveil some more truth here, that I had the pleasure of experiencing Robin Sharma’s and his content way before in 2016, but I never knew its importance until much later, i.e. late 2018.

I, obviously cannot write about the detailed version of how my life was changing on a day to day, I can explain this in a shorter manner.

P. S. When you consume such content, your perspective, your current mindset, what you’re looking for, all matter because everyone then gets a different understanding of the same content you’re consuming.

With the content from GaryVee, Robin Sharma and more, with the videos I’d been watching, the podcasts, the books, I was being introduced to the concept of mindset, why it’s important, the terms of kindness, empathy, happiness, success were being redefined in my life. How important is your ambition in your life, why is it important, the work that you do, the value that you’re providing to the people – there was so much to learn.

Along with all of this happening, I also had the opportunity of working on my personal brand, where two things were happening –

A. While building my personal brand, instead of focusing on my forte, i.e. digital marketing and the fact that I was running my business for 3 years, I decided to share my current learnings and pen down my thoughts on those subjects.

To my advantage, the more I wrote, the better I became at understanding all those things, understood the width and the depth of it.

B. I was also able to connect with like-minded people, talk about these topics in detail, talk to people who had the same problems as mine and try to help them out, the same way I figured out my stuff.

Of course, pushing out content worked out for me, apart from the other things that I did, and this was my process which I’m happy and satisfied with.

Jump to September of 2019, where I have now become more self-aware of who I am, who I want to be, and the importance of my life.

This past year has worked out fantastically for me, I’m not someone who puts my achievements on a pedestal, because the process is more valuable for me.

However these things were the icing on the cake, which just showed that the path I was on, was the right one for me. To list out a few of the things,

A. The opportunity to give a talk at my college, and help out other students with the process of Entrepreneurship and Mindset and try to make them aware about it too.

B. Getting featured in a book introduced by our college, called Symbipreneurs.

C. Meeting my mentor, Gary Vaynerchuk in person, the opportunity to ask him a question and getting one of my favourite books signed by him – not an achievement, lol, but one of the things I had the opportunity to experience.

The year has been full of ups and downs, but now I’m in control, more mindful than before, more self-aware, made the necessary changes in my life, sharing that information with others. Still learning, still experimenting, the journey is long, but now I know what I need.

People think after consuming my content for more than a year, that I’m a motivational speaker. I’d have thought too, as an outsider. But, the fact is that, I’ve been on both sides of the coin, and I’ve experienced both of them. Now that I know how the better side looks like, I want to make other people aware about it.

But to sum it up…

A year ago, my life changed!

Walk your own path!

Walk your own path!

Only the achievements are compared, not the goals or the aspirations or the journey or the day-to-day life!

It’s simply astonishing how the society works!

The best way to move forward in life is to follow your Journey and stay in your lane!

Can’t get any simpler than that!

Celebrate others successes instead of dwelling over them!
Support them in their failures instead of enjoying them!
To top it off, walk with others instead of trying to trample them!

Every brand needs to set their tone.

Every brand needs to set their tone.

Every brand needs a consistent tone over all their platforms, online and offline. In regards to the online sector, your website or your app or your digital presence over all the social media platforms, need to stay consistent with the set tone.
‘How would you like your audience to perceive your brand, depends on its tone!’
Often, the agencies tend to mix up the tone which sends an irrelevant message to the audience. For example, while handling your social media profiles, agencies create different types of content, time and again, which does not follow the tone of your brand. Due to this inconsistency, even the audience fails to understand your brand, which will probably affect your image and even your offline sales.
‘Inconsistent brand tone gives out an unaesthetic look, in return, affecting your image and sales.’
So what should you do – 
A. Minor details make the most difference. 
B. Work with the right agency.
C. Communicate with your designing team and ensure they understand what your brand is about.

Pumped Up Mondays

Pumped Up Mondays

Are you letting external or internal factors affect your life?

Either or both have an impact, it’s up to you, your choices define the impact.

You can be in control of your destiny.

Your choices.

Your thoughts.

Your decisions.

Define these factors and taking the first step towards changing them is the first step.

The process of planting a tree.

The process of planting a tree.

A brand’s social media development is like planting a tree!
For it to give you the results you want, you must spend months and months and years of proper planning, implementation and execution for it to reach its true level. You wouldn’t expect to plant the seeds and let it grow into a tree in less than a year, correct? Managing social media is similar to that situation! Even with an adequate promotional budget, you need to first set your goals.
Building an online brand requires much more than spending on ads.
Firstly, you must ensure that you have a proper brand design and language which will make it easier for the audience to relate to your content.
Secondly, you must provide relevant content and differentiate them as per the social media platforms you’re using. For that, you must have a proper plan and schedule beforehand and know what you’re seeking to achieve.
Thirdly, focus on the community you’re building. This community is going to be important in the creation of your brand’s online identity.
Ultimately, we could break the complete process into three small steps, but these powerful measures take time to build. Once you understand them, then it’s your arena. Your sales will start soaring high!
Be patient and ensure you as a brand are playing an essential role in keeping the digital presence active.