You have a Responsibility right now!

You have a Responsibility right now!

I’ve been reading on social media, I’ve been reading the news reports here and there and I have been talking to people and you know what I’m noticing – people aren’t taking the self-isolation and social distancing seriously.

There’s this thought that goes around – that even though I’m outside, I’m taking precautions and people are standing at a distance. It doesn’t work that way though! (You should only go out, unless absolutely necessary)

You don’t know who the others have met or where have they been; it is your responsibility to follow the lock-down and stay away from everyone as much as possible.

You have a responsibility to not only take care of your own health, but also the health of your family. You going out could make you a carrier, even though you might not feel any symptoms and that could have an effect on the others (family) around you!

You have a responsibility to keep everyone safe, simply by staying home, that’s it.

If you’re reading this, please stay at home, please follow the rules, please stay isolated and distance yourself from others.

It shows how responsible you are!

It shows how responsible you are!

Amidst the coronavirus pandemic, the one thing that’s being said (apart from constantly sanitizing your hands), all over the world is, to avoid/limit human contact, to limit your social life for a while and stay grounded, to keep yourself isolated.

You might not care about yourself, but your actions affect everyone around you. You might not have the symptoms or the virus, but you could be the carrier, transmitting it from one person to multiple other people whom you’re meeting, formally or informally, because you wouldn’t follow the rules.

In a way, this small step speaks volumes about you, as a person.

It shows how responsible you are! If your actions affect others, and you could’ve prevented it, then of course, it shows how “responsible” you are.