Why you should start creating Content?

Why you should start creating Content?

Forget your brand for a while, forget your marketing strategy for a while, because everyone says that.

Not that it’s not important, and that’s obviously the main focus for most people for creating content.

However, not thinking about your brand or marketing, not thinking about the followers and likes, not thinking about wanting to become an influencer, everyone should be creating content.

Here’s why –

– you are able to experience your creative side and delve deeper into it

– creating content gives you the confidence to create more things in your life

– being in the public forum gives you the leeway to constantly receive feedback/ criticism about your process/idea

– when you express yourself, you’re able to strengthen areas of your life that will help you in the outside world (when it comes to writing/ designing/speaking etc)

– testing out your ideas and in the process, learn and evolve yourself

– more importantly, helps in finding your voice.

Every reason has its own uniqueness to an individual, and that uniqueness also has its importance attached to it.

Find that uniqueness for you and simply, start creating content.


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Silencing the voice that isn’t ours

Silencing the voice that isn’t ours

Quite often, the voice in our head isn’t ours.

Over time, that voice has become an amalgamation of the society’s wants and expectations, how you will be perceived and what will not disappoint them.

Not to forget, the society includes your friends and family, your colleagues, relatives, social media and everyone else you have an interaction with.

Anytime, you wish to do something which is out of the box for you, this voice inside your head says, “you cannot do it”.

Unfortunately, listening to that voice, then makes that thing you wanted to do just a dream for you. However, what if you can take charge of your life, do things you want to and shun that voice as well?

Vincent Van Gogh has said it perfectly, “If you hear a voice within you say ‘you cannot paint,’ then by all means paint and that voice will be silenced.”

Taking that plunge is all it takes, one step at a time though, becoming self aware of your thoughts, needs and wants, owning your voice, and seeing the bright side of everything – there will be a few hiccups, but ultimately you will have your own voice that will push you to do whatever you want, irrespective of what anyone thinks and irrespective of its outcome.


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