House Chores!

House Chores!

Everyone who’s isolated at home is playing some role when it comes to the house chores, right?

Whether you were already doing it, or are doing it now, every member of the house has taken up the mantle of doing something or the other – so there’s no pressure on any one member (whether in case of family or with friends, it applies if you’re staying with multiple people)

During these times, I’ve taken up the responsibility of cleaning the house (i.e. brooming and mopping of floors), sometimes I play the role of a sous-chef and cooked something, a couple of times.

However, here’s what I wanted to entail through today’s post!

I’m not sure if I am the only one, but since cleaning is on me, I’ve become a tad-bit more mindful when it comes to living day-by-day.

Here’s what that means?

Earlier, I knew the house will be cleaned at some point of time, during the day and even I drop/ leave something on the floor, it’ll be cleaned up after.

Now I’m more mindful that I don’t dirty the house anyhow, and that has also shifted to the other works at home, for eg. with utensils etc.

Plus, on top of that, I’ve started to enjoy the work, it feels like I’m doing something for my home, not to forget the body workout which happens, everything counts.

Have you felt this too or am I the only one?

It shows how responsible you are!

It shows how responsible you are!

Amidst the coronavirus pandemic, the one thing that’s being said (apart from constantly sanitizing your hands), all over the world is, to avoid/limit human contact, to limit your social life for a while and stay grounded, to keep yourself isolated.

You might not care about yourself, but your actions affect everyone around you. You might not have the symptoms or the virus, but you could be the carrier, transmitting it from one person to multiple other people whom you’re meeting, formally or informally, because you wouldn’t follow the rules.

In a way, this small step speaks volumes about you, as a person.

It shows how responsible you are! If your actions affect others, and you could’ve prevented it, then of course, it shows how “responsible” you are.