The Origin of Boredom

The Origin of Boredom

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People often get bored with what they do.

In their professional lives.

In their personal lives too.

Sometimes with regards to a particular task or with regards to a particular day or a period of time.


Why are you getting bored?

Boredom arises, not because you’re tired or fatigued.

But because you aren’t interested in what you’re doing.

When it comes to a particular task, you might not be interested in doing it at all.

When it comes to a particular day, you might just be bored of the routine and might be seeking a change.

When you feel the same over a period of time, that is definitely when you should start changing things.

However, the bigger question is, whenever you feel bored, be aware of what is it that is making you feel in such a way and what exactly do you do to distract yourself from that boredom?

Questions like these bring the change which then changes your life as well.


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