Then vs Now – What’s changed over time?

Then vs Now – What’s changed over time?

In this quest of understanding and becoming self aware about who I am, what my voice is, what my strengths and weaknesses are, how my thoughts amd actions affect me and others around me, how my habits affect me, I was in a retrospective mode thinking about all of these things.

Not just that, but who I was before, who I am now, the old me, the new me, how I have been able to pin point certain areas of my life that needed a change and then worked on it and yet, there’s so much more to work on.

This is the journey of self-improvement and everyday I’m grateful that I get to improve myself or at least become aware of what I need to improve one bit at a time.

However, doing just that made me create this list of my THEN vs NOW and what’s changed me over time.

Why am I sharing this with you?

Well, the more I learn, the more I want to share.

Not just my personal growth. But, how you can grow too, how you can improve too, how you can change your life too.

A list of such kind helps in showing that if I can change, then you can change too and if this can inspire you to take a step in that direction, then why not?


#14 of The Last 7 Days (8.06-14.06)

With another Sunday, here’s the fourteenth edition of my weekly series, The Last 7 Days.

What’s it about?

It’s a weekly series where I talk about what I read, what I listened to, and what I saw in the last seven days.

I’ve been told my choices are pretty good to consume and I should share them with everyone, so you don’t have to just browse through.

If any of the below-mentioned topics interest you, let’s chat – @rth24 on Instagram.

What To Read:

  1. A fully-connected future means you’ll never be alone.

    Read here.
  2. Ben Casnocha writes about 16 lessons to learn from LinkedIn founder, Reid Hoffman after spending 10,000 hours. This is the best thing you’ll read.

    Check it here.
  3. Starbucks Sees $3.2 Billion Virus Hit, Plans New Cafe Format
    Read it here.
  4. Neuroscience can explain why you’re having trouble concentrating on work or school during the COVID-19 pandemic

    Read here.
  5. Michelin-star chef Vikas Khanna’s mission to feed millions in India through his Feed India drive – this is such an inspiring read.

    Check it here.

What To Listen:

*The links being attached redirect to Spotify, but you can search for these episode titles wherever you listen to your podcasts.

  1. Neurologist Amy Milton on editing memories and eliminating the triggers that unearth the destructive emotional responses.

    Listen here.
  2. Seth Godin speaks on ‘Everybody is Irrational‘ on his podcast, Akimbo.

    Check it out here.
  3. Have you been listening to the Harry Potter at Home: Readings podcast? The eighth episode was read by Alia Bhatt, which was quite brilliant.

    Check it out here.
  4. Do you remember the Highway on my Plate podcast, I had mentioned in the earlier editions? Well, in this episode, they discuss the tales of their Maharashtra journey, in particular Pune, Mumbai and more so I had to share it.

    Listen to it here.
  5. Dhruv Rathee has a Spotify original podcast, ‘Maha Bharat with Dhruv Rathee‘ and this episode is based on ‘Why is India a Republic?

    Listen here.

What To Watch:

  1. Vishen Lakhiani on how to live from intuition and accessing information outside the human brain, on Jay Shetty’s podcast ‘On Purpose with Jay Shetty‘ – this episode was legit mind-blowing and so much to learn from.

    Watch here.
  2. Liv Boeree, the poker champion gives a TED Talk on 3 decison-making lessons to learn from Poker.

    Watch it here.
  3. How 5G works – the pros and cons.

    Check it out here.
  4. If you are into cars and/or love Ferrari, you’ll like this one – The Rise of Ferrari. Watch here.
  5. Kartik Aaryan interviews Barkha Dutt on his series, Koki Poochega and she talks about the change in journalism, the current on-ground reality and more.

    Watch it here.

    P. S. Bonus: Don’t miss out Gulabo Sitabo on Amazon Prime, I’ve done a small review HERE and I’ll recommend it for sure.

There is a lot of insightful, engaging and entertaining content mixed in all of this.

If any of these topics interest you, then your time will be well-spent.

You can check out the previous editions of The Last 7 Days – here.



Self-growth, Self-improvement, Self-care, why is the word ‘Self’ added here?

What is the point that is being tried to communicate to you?

Until you don’t care about yourself, how will you take care of others around you?

Until you don’t improve yourself, how will you improve the life of others around you?

Until you don’t grow yourself, how will that growth happen outside and around you?

It all starts with you!


The starting point is the only point where you have to become selfish in order to become selfless.

In order to serve others.

In order to have an impact on others.

In order to create change.

Self – that’s where it begins.

The biggest armory of yours!

The biggest armory of yours!

Who you are, what is your real voice, what your strengths are, what your weaknesses are, what your habits are, what your thoughts are, how your words and actions affect you and others, what pushes you, what brings you down – all of such things come under self awareness.

When you become aware of everything you are and everything you do.

It tells you what you need to change, what you need to overcome, what you need to double down on.

It’s the single biggest armory of yours that you single-handedly have the power over, the knowledge of which is a strength that not everyone has.

It costs zero!

It costs zero!

It costs zero?

But what though?

The biggest values in the world

That create the most impact!

Things like kindness, empathy, gratitude and optimism cost you nothing,
it doesn’t take anything away from you,
but it helps you to live a happy and positive life.

Not only that, but you also get to spread this word around, spread some love and not to forget, when you’re optimistic, good things just happen in your life.

Write the invoice of your own life!
5 Tips to improve your Work from Home experience

5 Tips to improve your Work from Home experience

If you’re working from home, you’d agree that the hours are not fixed anymore, sometimes it gets tiring, the exhaustion gets to you at the end of the day and if there’s anything you’d do to change the mood, you would.

Thinking of that, one of the things that occurred to me is that when you’re on your laptop all day long, whether you’re on your bed or on your desk, or even switching between them, what’s also happening is that you’re hooked onto the screen until you get that break.

However, there are a few tidbits here and there that can help you to take care of your mind and body whilst putting in the work that can help you at the end of the day, and doing them every day will only benefit you on a macro level too.

Not to forget, work from home will be a norm for now and for the future, so it’d be better to pick up some beneficial habits for a better outcome.

So here they are –

  • Stand Up & Stretch

Whenever you can, as many times as you can, stand up for a minute or two at least, to open up your body and to allow the blood to circulate.

When you sit for a long amount of time, due to zero movement of the body, the muscles get rigid, which further leads to body restlessness and fatigue.

  • Hydrate Yourself

Even though you might have kept a bottle of water alongside you, in the flow of work, you might become unaware of drinking water in periods of time.

That further leads to dehydration in the body, ultimately resulting in lower energy levels in the body, more irritability, also causes lethargy, weight gain and headaches.

  • Eat Nuts/ Fruits

Instead of binge eating stuff that does not benefit the body, keep a small box of nuts beside you, on the table.

You can then have a nut or two in a while or even a fruit when you feel like eating, and that is the best form of nutrients that you could put in your body.

This, of course, is during the day and is not a substitute for your meals.

  • Maintain A Schedule

You’d think that the day is already running loose with abnormal work timings and not having a relaxation time, why would I want to make a schedule and make the day more rigid?

Well, that’s exactly why!

Because having a schedule would ensure that you get to do the other activities of your day as well, including your workout, your meals, your relaxation time as well as balancing work.

  • Practice Well-being

At this time, when you’re home and also working constantly, it is extremely important to practice your well-being, both mentally and physically.

From taking a few minute breaks here and there to practising mediation to doing workouts to taking a few walks whenever possible, everything constitutes as a part of well-being which keeps you in check.

Hope these help you better your days, ultimately making your weeks and months better as well.

It’s always the small changes which make a huge impact and change things around.

Lockdown Learnings

Lockdown Learnings

Over the past year or so, one of my main intentions has been to work on my habits, to introduce new ones, to evolve them over time and to get rid of the ones that don’t serve me any purpose.

Amongst many that literally changed me, this lock-down period allowed me to work on a few more that have been on my mind for a while or some that I didn’t think would be essential to me.

Here are some that I’ve been working on and constantly trying to improve them:

1. Daily Meditations

It allowed me to align my mind and my body, it made me more calmer, more peaceful, to let go of things, every time it’s a different experience.

2. Gadget-free Meals

To have meals without having the phone or laptop around you, without having to watch anything while eating. It first started with lunch and now dinner too, teaching me to be more mindful during meals.

3. Yoga

Whether its the suryanamaskars or some other asanas, the lockdown taught me that you can do so much without even going out. The daily growing experience and the impact on the body is immense.

4. Breath-work

The breathing exercises helps me in releasing more energy in the body, influences the blood circulation, thereby increasing the alkalinity and reducing the acidity in the body, plus changing various physiological responses

5. Cleanliness

Whether its the brooming and wiping, or the sanitisation of the items brought from outside, or the occasional cleaning of utensils and dusting, this time has made me more aware of cleanliness than ever.

Mirror Mirror

Mirror Mirror

Mirror Mirror

Answer me this question

For I don’t know the answer myself

I want to change

But I don’t know who will bring this change

The mirror says

Look within me

For I always showed you the answer

It is you alone

Who can bring change

For no one else has the power to do so

#13 of The Last 7 Days (01.06-07.06)

#13 of The Last 7 Days (01.06-07.06)

With another Sunday, here’s the thirteenth edition of my weekly series, The Last 7 Days.

What’s it about?

It’s a weekly series where I talk about what I read, what I listened to, and what I saw in the last seven days.

I’ve been told my choices are pretty good to consume and I should share them with everyone, so you don’t have to just browse through.

If any of the below-mentioned topics interest you, let’s chat – @rth24 on Instagram.

What To Read:

  1. The untold story of Google’s $1.65 billion acquisition of YouTube, from those who lived it, read here.
  2. The fire Zuck started won’t stop at Facebook
    Check it out here.
  3. Where, exactly, is the edge of space? This was such an interesting read.

    Read it here.
  4. National Geographic has done a coverage on ‘Is it safe to travel now?’, covering all points from air travel to road trips and hotel stays and more.

    Read here.

What To Listen:

*The links being attached redirect to Spotify, but you can search for these episode titles wherever you listen to your podcasts.

  1. Simon Sinek on how to play the infinite game, on the Jordan Harbinger Show.

    Listen here.
  2. Varun Duggirala, the host of Advertising is Dead, has started a new podcast ‘Useless Information with Varun Duggirala‘. The podcast is relatable, interesting and the fact that he speaks to people who are shaped by this “useless information” is inspiring. I heard the first episode with Rohan Joshi and this one is recommended.

    Go listen to it here.
  3. Pawan Rochwani, founder of Platform for Artists, speaks about ‘The Creative Burnout Problem & How to get Rid of it?‘ – it’s a relatable one and every creator should give this a listen.

    Check it out here.
  4. Chris Evans talks about his acting journey, turning down Captain America and more on The Hollywood Reporter’s Podcast, Awards Chatter.

    Check it out here.
  5. I came across a new podcast by Wondery, ‘The Daily Smile‘ and the name says it all, a podcast with a daily story filled with some goodness and happiness feels. The first episode was a good listen, ‘Drone Love‘.

    Listen to it here.

What To Watch:

  1. Jerry Seinfeld’s new standup, ‘Jerry Seinfeld: 23 Hours to Kill‘ is freaking hilarious, one hour of non-stop laughter.

    Give it a watch here. (P.S. Streaming on Netflix)
  2. Should we boycott Chinese products? Entrepreneur/ content creator Farheen Ahmad explains the Chinese strategies; Chinese economic machinations and geo-politics in this video.

    Watch here.
  3. Luke Coutinho on gut health, diseases and prevention.

    Watch it here.
  4. Do Reviews Matter? (ft Rajeev Masand, Sucharita Tyagi and Ankur Pathak) If you’re into movies, and read/ write reviews, give this a watch.

    Check it out here.
  5. Casey Neistat speaks on ‘What Black Lives Matter protests are really about?’ This video gives you a really good perspective on the whole situation.

    Give it a watch here.

There is a lot of insightful, engaging and entertaining content mixed in all of this.

If any of these topics interest you, then your time will be well-spent.

You can check out the previous editions of The Last 7 Days – here.

Beyond the Clouds!

Beyond the Clouds!

Sometimes clouds, dark clouds take over the sky, making it dark and dense.

At such moments, the sky isn’t visible, the rays of the sun aren’t visible.

It seems dark even in the lightest moments of the day.

However, what we should know is this…

Beyond the clouds, the bright, beautiful and the blue sky is still there and the sun is still shining out there.

It’s just that we can’t see any of it beyond the clouds, but it’s there.

It is so beautifully connected with life as well.

Where sometimes life is overshadowed by such dense clouds, even though temporary, that we lose our perspective of it being temporary and knowing that the beautiful life full of colours is still out there.

We just need to have a perspective of knowing what’s beyond the clouds even if we cannot see it.

How are you not curious?

How are you not curious?

How are you not curious anymore?

That’s what I would like to ask you today!

How are you not curious enough to question everything that you do?

How are you not curious enough to question everything that your life is conditioned to?

How are you not curious enough to question what the brands and marketers are selling you and you end up buying them?

How are you not curious enough to go beyond all of this and think of taking that step forward of questioning everything?

How are you not curious enough to ask how does life function?

Everything there is to know is out there.

All that is required is a tiny bit of curiosity from you.

That’s it.

Some curiosity, some questions, some research and you’ll have a well-garnished outcome of results that will change the way you think, the way you communicate, and the way life is.

This will change how you view content.

This will change how you view content.

This will change how you view content…

Do you know what I’m talking about?





and what does it mean?

They are misleading titles used to attract your attention and then encourage you to click on that particular link and spend some more time on their website.


The question I want to focus on is this, why do marketers still focus on this technique?

Well, the easiest way to explain is this…

Because the audience still falls for it every time.

And that gets them more views.

Which also means more ad views.

You understand the story here, right?

How can we change that?

We, as the AUDIENCE, need to be more smarter with what we consume.

To also make sure that we don’t fall for headlines.

What that also means is, to be more interested in the content than the headline.

And lastly, follow the authentic kind of publishers who post the right kind of information.

We aim for a world of authenticity and value.

As the creator/ publisher, providing value and not deception should be the focus.

Provide more value/ extra content than what you have already posted initially, when it comes to redirecting to your websites.

And more importantly, do it the right way.

When you do it right, the audience will fall in love with you and not a particular piece of content.

How to use an umbrella?

How to use an umbrella?

Well, we all know how to use an umbrella and why do we use it too.

But of course, this is more than that.

I’m thinking if an umbrella can also be used, not just to protect us from the rain drops, but also from people’s unnecessary opinions and judgements.

We can agree that we aren’t strong enough to block them or let them not affect us.

Then why not use an external object to do so?

Those opinions and judgements usually create more problems to our mind and body than what the rains would have done.

In countless ways.

The moment we would notice a judgemental opinion, we would’ve opened that umbrella and let it shield us from that.

Only if there was an umbrella for that though.

Things could’ve been so much easier.

Nonetheless, since there isn’t, well, we have to become stronger and become more aware to do that umbrella work ourselves.

Create that shield to not get affected by those things, so we can live a carefree and a peaceful life.

Likes are a Vanity Metric

Likes are a Vanity Metric

It’s 2020 and either for themselves or for their brands, people are still hunting for likes.

In a constantly evolving world, where creators are on the lookout for what works and what doesn’t, ‘social media likes’ are clearly not the way to decide the outcome of that.

They are a vanity metric which is still used to check the success of a particular creative.

Whereas we need to move beyond that and focus on what attracts the audience’s attention, what makes them comment, what makes them share something, what makes them save something.

A creative needs to be really valuable for someone to save them for later viewing. For someone to share it with others. Those are metrics to measure against. That creates a long-term bond with the brand which then continues with other avenues.

Which direction are you aligning towards? Likes or Shares and Saves?

3 Questions to ask yourself before you post anything!

3 Questions to ask yourself before you post anything!

Whenever anyone is wanting to create content for any social media platform, one of the questions that arise in their mind is, ‘Will this post work?’
There’s a constant worry around this question and sometimes it stops people from posting what they truly want to share. In a constant dilemma of engagement, what gets affected is the content.

To solve that issue in the easiest manner I could think of, here are 3 questions you should ask yourself before you post anything –

1. Is this genuine to me or am I posting just for the sake of it?

2. Does this provide value to my audience?

3. Would I consume this if it came on my feed?

Simple questions to which if you could answer truthfully, you’ll find out that any and all types of content is post-worthy and there are no selection criteria to it.

#12 of The Last 7 Days (25.05 – 31.05)

#12 of The Last 7 Days (25.05 – 31.05)

With another Sunday, here’s the twelfth edition of my weekly series, The Last 7 Days.

What’s it about?

It’s a weekly series where I talk about what I read, what I listened to, and what I saw in the last seven days.

I’ve been told my choices are pretty good to consume and I should share them with everyone, so you don’t have to just browse through.

If any of the below-mentioned topics interest you, let’s chat – @rth24 on Instagram.

What To Read:

  1. 7 red flags to be on the lookout for when restaurants open

    Read here.
  2. The real threat to Facebook and Twitter isn’t a pandemic or a president.

    Read here.
  3. The types of live-streams we’ve seen so far

    Read here.
  4. How to control your emotions during a difficult conversation?

    Read about it here.

What To Listen:

*The links being attached redirect to Spotify, but you can search for these episode titles wherever you listen to your podcasts.

  1. Wheelchair athlete Dean Furness gave a TED Talk on overcoming challenges by not comparing yourself to others.

    Listen to it here.
  2. How Herd Immunity works on ‘Stuff You Should Know‘ podcast.

    Check it out here.
  3. Sundar Pichai on managing Google through the pandemic on The Vergecast.

    Listen to it here.
  4. Kunal Shah talks about his entrepreneurial journey, his philosophical thoughts and lots more on the Cyrus Says Podcast.

    Listen here.
  5. Ray Dalio on resetting for the future, on the podcast This is Working with Daniel Roth

    Listen here.

What To Watch:

  1. This was such a good watch, a good investment of time – Kevin Hart on the Joe Rogan podcast.

    Watch here.
  2. How Richard Branson is trying to save his Virgin empire?

    Watch it here.
  3. A Paatal Lok post-mortem with the cast and creators on Film Companion.

    Check it out here.
  4. Sonu Sood’s interview on Film Companion and talks about the marvelous work he has been doing at this time, what made him start and more.

    Watch here.

There is a lot of insightful, engaging and entertaining content mixed in all of this.

If any of these topics interest you, then your time will be well-spent.

You can check out the previous editions of The Last 7 Days – here.

I’ve been meditating daily for 60 days now!

I’ve been meditating daily for 60 days now!

Meditation was something that was on my mind for a while, but I could just never start doing it then.

In the last year or so, I may have done a couple of them, including a sound healing meditation (which was quite impactful), but it didn’t get implemented as a part of my lifestyle.

I always knew its advantages, I had heard people’s stories of how it had changed them but sometimes things happen according to their own timings and you can never force them.

Then the lock-down happened.

That was the time when things within me changed, my perspective changed on a lot of things, and as things aligned together, it was as if the universe wanted me to start meditating at this time.

On the 30th of March, 2020 was the first day of this streak – and I must say that the first day was groundbreaking in itself.

What I experienced was something I had never thought of.

And then, day after day, different kinds of meditation happened and I explored more and more, and different things ticked off.

I experienced moments in my life which aren’t a part of my conscious thinking, I experienced my life from a different perspective, I started looking at things differently, I visualized different chapters of my life, different settings that changed the behavior in me.

To share in detail, what it does to you, here’s how I see it –

Simply put, it helps you to align your mind and your body and be still.

It allows you to silence your thoughts and just be, not thinking about the next task, not thinking about your worries etc

It allows you to focus on your breathing patterns – which thus helps in relaxation, more energy, more calmness, more peace.

It brings inner peace within you.

It allows you to let go of things that hold you back.

It also helps in visualization of memories, goals, conversations, nature – whatever you want it to be.

There’s a lot that can be done.

Meditation then and now, is a whole different experience for me, such an essential part of life that is again never taught to us in the way we live.

To experience this, you have to take that leap and change your life is how I see it.

And there’s just advantages to it.

Today will be Day 63, to be technically right and I look forward to my meditation time now, more than anything.

3 Life Lessons to learn from the game ‘Ludo’

3 Life Lessons to learn from the game ‘Ludo’

If there was one thing apart from livestreaming and video conferencing that got popular (again) was playing Ludo.

Whether it’s the board game or the mobile game, whether its playing with family or with friends, Ludo has become that bonding game for many during this lockdown.

Said that, I’ve had my share of games with the family, and playing these many times with some wins and some really bad losses got me thinking…

There are quite a few Life Lessons too that the game teaches us!

  • You can’t give up until the game is over

How many times has it happened that the other player/s are way ahead and about to win, and there are times when, because you didn’t give up, because you were a worthy competitor playing until the end, you actually won too.

Same applies to life as well, when you’ve set your mind to something, you shouldn’t and you probably wouldn’t give up until you can’t do it anymore, but until then you won’t give up.

You will keep going, no matter what the circumstances are and no matter how much life wants to test you.

  • Just because you’re ahead doesn’t mean you’ve won

In the above scenario, you’re on the other side of the equation where you are the underdog. Here, you’re the one who’s boasting that you’re about to win.

How many times has it happened that you were leading, just the last piece remaining about to enter the final segment of the journey and someone gets you out. And that becomes the turning point of the game.

When it comes to life, doesn’t the same happen? When you’re ahead, when you’re winning, you feel there is no other and it’s just you, going forward with overconfidence – but then life gets in the way and says that you haven’t won yet.

It shows that one needs to be careful and smart until the end, know what’s going around and not to celebrate until it’s happened.

  • You need to be strategic with your moves

Another important thing that the game teaches us is how to be strategic in the game and in life.

In the game, you need to know when to play the different pieces, whether you should take the chance to cut someone else or save the other piece about to enter the save zone, but is currently in danger.

Just like in life, where you need to be strategic with your moves. You need to be aware of your surroundings and play your moves accordingly. Know which move is aggressive, which one needs to be monitored and move forward accordingly.

I’m sure if you break down the game, there could be some other things to learn too, some smaller in impact maybe. However, these are those life-changing lessons that I could think of, while playing of course.

Ready to ‘Zazz Your Life?’

Ready to ‘Zazz Your Life?’

We are now @zazzyourlife on Instagram, previously Live The Zazz Life.

What’s the mission?

We want you to take the control of your life in your hands, instead of being dependent on anyone else to provide the answers.

We want you to ZAZZ your life on your own!

What do we mean by zazz?
Well, it’s making your life more unique and awesome than before.

How do we do that?
By changing how we think, how we communicate, how we react, our habits, our goals, our purpose, how to upgrade yourself to a better version, what to eat, what to drink, what not to do and the why behind everything.

Once we learn this and once we learn to rewire our brain, we upgrade ourselves to a better and improved version of ourselves than before. That is adding the zazz to our life.

Not to forget, only you can do it. Nobody else. Not us, surely. We are just the medium in this equation.

So, are you ready to zazz your life?
Embark on this new journey with us.

It’d be deeply appreciated if you would also share our page with your loved ones so all of us can then grow together in this journey.

Here’s the link –

Staying In with Choice

Staying In with Choice

Even though the lockdown is relaxed at a few places, it continues at many more.

The anxiousness continues for many who look at the four walls around them everyday and it is natural to feel that way too.

At the same time, there are some (I’ll include myself in this) who have come up with various activities filling the day and don’t feel that way like many others do.

Nonetheless, here’s a quick suggestion for them – how about you change the perspective for yourself?

How about you think you’re staying in with choice, and not because of the current crisis? How about you devote your staying in with a reason and then continue to pursue that?

The perspective matters and a small step like this can change your emotions, your behavior and your following days.

Stealing your Inner Peace!

Stealing your Inner Peace!

Let’s start with what steals our inner peace?

What are those elements of our life that have the ability to steal our inner peace?

Well, your anger towards someone else, ego, jealousy, competition, other people’s opinions towards you or your opinions towards them, same goes for judgements as well, failure (if you let it affect you) – these are some of the top things that affect the majority.

The question is, how can you let anyone else steal your inner peace?

The above-mentioned elements come into power when someone else is involved in that equation.

That means, you, yes you, are giving someone else the power to steal your inner peace.

Once you understand this, once you understand what inner peace means, what is in your control, what isn’t, what elements have the power to change that, then you can start practising towards controlling them.

You can start working on your traits, what pinches you, what doesn’t, what sparks your emotions, what doesn’t and ultimately, be in control of your inner peace.

In such a way, that you have the power over it and no one else can steal it.



When you tell yourself, that I’ll do this ‘later’, what are you actually telling yourself?

In simple terms, it means that you don’t want to do that something right now and you’ll do it at a later point of time.

Although, if you break it down, it means, that certain something isn’t a priority for you to take care of it right now.

Well, in that terms, what is the priority of that thing on a scale of 1 – 5? 1 being the highest and 5 being the lowest.

Well, if its anything beyond a 3, then the probability of you taking on that thing at a later point of time seems unlikely.

A simple reason is because, one, its not that important to you, second, on a day-to-day basis or a weekly basis, there will be something that is going to replace things on the priority scale of 1 and 2.

On the basis of which, things beyond 3 aren’t going to be taken care of at all.

What’s the alternative?

Either take on only one or two things at a time, so there’s no point of pushing something to ‘later’.

Or being well-organized to a point that you complete that entire list of 1 – 5, irrespective of how many other tasks or things come on to your plate.

#11 of The Last 7 Days (18.05-24.05)

#11 of The Last 7 Days (18.05-24.05)

With another Sunday, here’s the eleventh edition of my weekly series, The Last 7 Days.

What’s it about?

It’s a weekly series where I talk about what I read, what I listened to, and what I saw in the last seven days.

I’ve been told my choices are pretty good to consume and I should share them with everyone, so you don’t have to just browse through.

If any of the below-mentioned topics interest you, let’s chat – @rth24 on Instagram.

What To Read:

  1. Amy Morin, a psychotherapist and mental strength coach talks about the biggest mental health problems caused by the quarantine and what can be done to prevent them.

    Read more here.
  2. 70% of Indian startups will run out of money in less than 3 months.
    Read about it here.
  3. How marketers can balance privacy and personalization?

    Read here.
  4. 7 Ways Mental Strength Will Make You Succeed

    Check it out here.

What To Listen:

*The links being attached redirect to Spotify, but you can search for these episode titles wherever you listen to your podcasts.

  1. Roshan Abbas now has a podcast – So What Do We Do Now. That’s news in itself. In this episode, ‘No Reservations’ he talks to Riyaaz Amlani, Bhakti Mehta and Rupesh Indulkar about the current restaurant industry and what does the future hold.

    Listen to it here.
  2. ER doctor Darria Long talks about triaging your “crazy busy” life
    Listen here.
  3. AirBnb CEO Brian Chesky on managing the company during this situation and the future of travel and hospitality on the Recode Decode Podcast.

    Check it out here.
  4. On ‘Off Script with Salil‘, Salil chats with Saransh Goila, founder of Goila Butter Chicken, on his journey in the food world.

    Listen here.
  5. Amit Trivedi talks about his beliefs, his approach towards making music and his creative discipline as an artist on the 9XM Soundcast Podcast.

    Listen to it here.

What To Watch:

  1. The Verge has done a video on ‘Why Spotify bought Joe Rogan’s podcast‘.

    Watch it here.
  2. Amazon Warehouse Workers speak out during coronavirus – what’s going on inside the warehouse, their safety and the steps taken by the company.

    Watch here.
  3. How Teslas upgrade over time?
    Check it out here.
  4. On FC Time Machine, Sucharita Tyagi of Film Companion goes back to the year 1994, rediscovering the film that achieved cult status over the years, Andaz Apna Apna

    Watch here.

There is a lot of insightful, engaging and entertaining content mixed in all of this.

If any of these topics interest you, then your time will be well-spent.

You can check out the previous editions of The Last 7 Days – here.

Every human is different

Every human is different

Every human being, irrespective of their caste, creed, age, sex and DNA, are different.

In terms of what?

Their journeys.

Their goals.

Their thoughts.

Their emotions.

Their problems.

Their accomplishments.

Literally, everything is different for everyone.

Then why is it that one compares them with someone else, one aspires to be like someone else, one says I’m just not like the other person.

How are these things even possible when every human on this planet is different from each other.

Each unique in their own way.

The system doesn’t work that way because the system won’t be able to operate if everyone started thinking that way and that’s the problem we don’t realize.

However, if there’s one takeaway from this, that we should take for the rest of our lives is this…

Every human is different.

Between the lines

Between the lines

Either you know this already or reading this might change a lot of perspectives for you.

We look for answers everywhere.

For everything.

If someone could solve everything and just tell us the answers to it all.

And sometimes even while listening/ reading them, you still think this is what everyone says but how’s this different?

Well, the answer lies in between the lines.

To everything.

This is a game of really listening and then understanding between the lines and finally understanding what the answer actually was.

Stumbling upon

Stumbling upon

Until you don’t stumble upon the path of self-improvement, you never know you needed to improve.

Until you don’t stumble upon the path of positivity, you never know you needed it.

Until you don’t stumble upon the path of growth, you never know you wanted to grow.

This is such an interesting game of choice and chance.

Sometimes you stumble upon something by chance, and sometimes by choice.

Either ways, if you get the chance to stumble upon it, appreciate it.

It’s a path that you always wanted to walk on, but never knew you wanted to.

It’s all connected.

It’s all connected.

What We Think
What We Say
How we Act
What we Eat
What we consume
What type of people do you attract around you
What goals do you want to pursue
Why do opinions bother me
Why do people compare
Why do people have egos
Why are people happy with materialistic things
Where does the real happiness lie
Why can’t you be happy right now
What is my purpose in life
What is life all about

It’s all connected.

Hold On or Let Go

Hold On or Let Go

Everything in life









Everything is something that you either hold on to or you let go of it.

It’s more of understanding whether that certain something is adding to your life or taking away something.

If it’s adding, then it’s a definite hold.

However, if its the other way round, if its taking away something – anything – energy, peace, calmness, then its time to let go it.

It could be easy, it could also be difficult, but that choice needs to be taken so you could be more balanced, more peaceful, instead of holding onto things that weigh you down.

There’s always eyes on you

There’s always eyes on you

You know what?

Whatever you do,

However you do it,

Whether you succeed or fail,

Whether you know the answers or not,

There’s always eyes on you.

Someone or everyone is watching you.

So, will you let that bother you or will you do what you want and enjoy those eyes on you?


#10 of The Last 7 Days (11.05 – 17.05)

With another Sunday, here’s the tenth edition of my weekly series, The Last 7 Days.

What’s it about?

It’s a weekly series where I talk about what I read, what I listened to, and what I saw in the last seven days.

I’ve been told my choices are pretty good to consume and I should share them with everyone, so you don’t have to just browse through.

If any of the below-mentioned topics interest you, let’s chat – @rth24 on Instagram.

What To Read:

  1. How the pandemic will change our relationship to time forever?
    This was an interesting read – check it out here.
  2. What must India do to be a 21st century world power?

    Read more here.
  3. Why Global Theatrical Windows May Emerge Stronger After COVID-19?

    Read here.
  4. Airbnb CEO Brian Chesky predicts a wildly different future of travel and living

    Read about it here.

What To Listen:

*The links being attached redirect to Spotify, but you can search for these episode titles wherever you listen to your podcasts.

  1. Mark Cuban talks on his relationship to wealth and risk on The Twenty Minute VC Podcast.

    Listen here.
  2. Think you’ve been having exceptionally strange dreams lately? Listen to ‘Quarantine Dreams‘ on the Today, Explained Podcast here.
  3. Hamdi Ulukaya, the founder of Chobani, speaks on the anti-CEO Playbook on Ted Talks Daily.

    Listen to it here.
  4. It’s the captain’s episode on the Manchester United Podcast. The current captain, Harry Maguire and ‘Captain Marvel’ Bryan Robson together.

    If you follow Manchester United too, listen to this here.

What To Watch:

  1. Can AirBnb survive? Watch this video here.
  2. There is now an unofficial version of Some Good News India edition, by MissMalini – covering the good news of our country.

    Watch it here.
  3. How airlines park thousands of planes?

    Watch here.
  4. How a shoe company makes 100,000 masks a week to fight the coronavirus?

    Check it out here.

There is a lot of insightful, engaging and entertaining content mixed in all of this.

If any of these topics interest you, then your time will be well-spent.

You can check out the previous editions of The Last 7 Days – here.

The Dice

The Dice

Have you ever rolled the dice?

The probability is, you have.

A dice, in the form of a cube, has six numbers, from 1-6, one on each side of it.

You try rolling for a number that you wish for.

You try harder.

You try different styles.

However, when it leaves your hand and falls on the board, you never know what number is going to come up until its on the board.

You might appreciate the outcome or you might get disappointed by it.

Either or.

That dice has such a metaphorical meaning though.

To life.

Every step we take in our life, has a different outcome.

We don’t know that outcome.

Until it happens.

We roll with life, wishing for something to happen, but sometimes it ain’t in our hands.

Again, whether we appreciate that outcome or be disappointed by it is up to us.

But at least, we tried, right?

Not just outward, inward too.

Not just outward, inward too.

What we think

What we feel

What we eat

What we drink

What exercise we do

It not only has an effect on our exterior actions, that is the words we speak, the work we do, the things we experience,

But, it has an effect on our inner body too.

Did you know that?

Every emotion we feel releases an energy of that sort in the body too.

Every thing we eat and drink is how our body processes it, and whether it is good for the body or not, then has an outcome accordingly.

Whether we exercise or not, not just has an effect on how “slim” we become, but it has an effect on our body processes too.

Everything we do has an effect, not just on the outward, but inward too.

We usually don’t think about how it affects our body, our mind and our soul.

If we become a tiny bit more mindful than usual, then we can start taking care of our mind, body and soul, at least from now on, if not before.

Running a race

Running a race

When you plan on running a race, usually there’s two scenarios as to how everyone looks at it – either you win the race or you lose.

No one really wants to notice the constant efforts and practice that was taking place behind-the-scenes and the mentality it needed to prepare for that race.

No one really wants to acknowledge those who finished that race, but not just first.

No one really gives a pat on the back to those who couldn’t finish the race. A pat on the back for trying!

This world we live in wants everyone to win.

Is that possible though?

If 5 people participate and they do their best, yet only one wins, how are we, as a society, reacting to the other four?

Do they stop running then?



That’s my super power.

Observing patterns, behaviors, reactions and everything else.

Everything around me!

When you observe, you’re able to learn a lot more, in more detail than usual.

The power of an observation allows you to perceive who people are, what the system is all about, reading between the lines, seeing beyond the black and white of the usual.

I’m not sure if it’s something that can be learned or it comes naturally, but I do know this, if you start observing a tiny bit more than usual, you’ll start noticing things a whole lot differently and eventually, your perspective could surely change.

The feeling of nothingness

The feeling of nothingness

Do you know the feeling when you feel like doing nothing at all?

Nothing as in literally nothing.

No distractions, no tasks, no smartphones, no thoughts, no focusing on yourself.

Just nothing.

It’s a feeling where you feel calm, you feel peaceful, silently sitting there – and no, I’m not talking about meditations either.

Just the feeling of doing nothing, at that time.

You don’t feel it too often, but when you feel it, you got to respect it and spend that time accordingly.

There’s always good.

There’s always good.

No matter how much bad there is in the world, there’s always some good too.

No matter how many bad situations occur, good situations occur too.

No matter how many negative people are out there, there are positive people too.

The balance is maintained throughout.

It’s only what do you want to notice that shows who you are.

But, remember.

There’s always good out there.

#9 of The Last 7 Days (04.05 – 10.05)

#9 of The Last 7 Days (04.05 – 10.05)

With another Sunday, here’s the ninth edition of my weekly series, The Last 7 Days.

What’s it about?

It’s a weekly series where I talk about what I read, what I listened to, and what I saw in the last seven days.

I’ve been told my choices are pretty good to consume and I should share them with everyone, so you don’t have to just browse through.

If any of the below-mentioned topics interest you, let’s chat – @rth24 on Instagram.

What To Read:

  1. If you feel like time has been passing weirdly during quarantine, you’re not alone. There’s a scientific reason why.

    Read here.
  2. Decoded: The End of Aging

    Read about it here.
  3. TikTok Boom! How the Exploding Social Media App Is Going Hollywood!

    Check it out here.
  4. What Gotham City’s Joker can teach us about entrepreneurship

    Read more here.

What To Listen:

*The links being attached redirect to Spotify, but you can search for these episode titles wherever you listen to your podcasts.

  1. There’s a new podcast, Harry Potter at Home Readings, starting with the first book of the series and the first episode is narrated by Daniel Radcliffe – hands down, too good.

    Listen to it here.
  2. Naval Ravikant makes a rare podcast appearance on Save Planet, Get Rich Podcast and when it’s Naval, you know how brilliant the episode already is.

    Give it a listen here.
  3. Why Sweden stayed open during this crisis time, on the Today, Explained Podcast.

    Check it here.
  4. On the Recode Decode Podcast, Sarah Frier talks about the inside story of Instagram and how it has changed since the founders left.

    Listen here.

What To Watch:

  1. Elon Musk talks NeuraLink, COVID, Tesla and more on the Joe Rogan Podcast.
    (You can also listen to this on his podcast)

    Watch it here.
  2. Nico Rosberg talks to Sadhguru on the surprising link between F1 cars and human minds.

    Check it out here.
  3. Why unemployment sites crash but Netflix doesn’t

    Watch it here.
  4. Why you’re always tired between 1 pm – 4 pm

    Watch here.

There is a lot of insightful, engaging and entertaining content mixed in all of this.

If any of these topics interest you, then your time will be well-spent.

You can check out the previous editions of The Last 7 Days – here.

What you Say is within You!

What you Say is within You!

When something is personal to you, or if it interests you, or if you’re passionate about it, then you may have realised that you can speak freely about it.

It’s like the constant flow of water in a waterfall.

Words come out of your mouth, like a melody.

That shows how authentic you are, about what you speak.

It also shows when you have to form words in your mind, because you just want to say something and it’s not authentic to you.

See the difference?

That’s why I say, what you say is within you.

Opinions Change!

Opinions Change!

Every time, there’s an ounce of shock and astonishment when a person says or does something contrary to what they did or said a while back!

The usual response is, weren’t you doing it the other way before.

Well, as a matter of fact, every day, every week, every year, with the amount of information we consume and the more we learn, the more we experiment and the more we grow,

Also results into our habits changing, our lifestyle changing and not to forget, our opinions changing as well.

It is very likely for anyone’s opinion to change from A to G or H to P based on whatever they’ve learnt in that time.

A change in opinion usually means the person has evolved then before, they’ve grown.

So instead of tearing up apart the person for the change, appreciate that they’ve had more knowledge about something and then took that plunge to change.

Constant Learning

Constant Learning

Our learning doesn’t end at schools and colleges, on the contrary, its never-ending.

Whether it’s a conscious choice or not, one is constantly learning, in some form or the other, everyday.

Consciously, the learning could be in the form of audio, video or text consumption or through conversations or when you walk on uncharted territory.

Subconsciously, learning happens through mistakes or through experiences – in your personal and professional lives.

Nonetheless, the bottom line is one is constantly learning everyday.

Whether by choice or not.

P. S. By choice is always better because you get to control and upgrade yourself on your own terms, rather through things happening in your life which aren’t in your control at all.

This learning, of all kinds, leads to growth in your life. The growth which leads to a different version of yours than before.

Whether a better version or not, depends on your perspective.

Is your phone charged?

Is your phone charged?

If I asked you, is your phone charged right now?

You’d know the answer.

What is the phone battery percentage right now?

You’d know the answer.

Be it your phone, or your headphones, your laptop, the point is that you’re aware when it comes to these items that you use on a daily basis?

However, what about you? What is your battery percentage right now? How long will you last before charging yourself again?

Do you know the answers to these questions?

We often focus on external items that control our lives, but forget to take a inner look that we actually have the control over.

Do I need to upgrade my battery power?

That can be done.

Do I need to recharge myself now?

That can be done too.

Is the battery getting low?

You can be aware of that too.

When you’re self-aware about yourself, the perspective towards looking at yourself and the outside world changes.

You now want to use that battery efficiently, you don’t want to drain it out, right?

You can then smartly utilise that power on things that matter or the things that interest you, just like your smartphone.

Share the Love

Share the Love

There’s a lot of negativity out there, not just social media (that’s just a medium), but everywhere else too!

You might have noticed this.

But, speaking particularly of social media, whether its comments, stories, DMs, tweets – there’s all kinds of negative stuff out there.

How can one, just one positive loving person play their part in this process?

Share the Love!

Share the Love, the Positivity, the Kindness if you have it within you!


Well, its contagious.

Another person feels that love and positivity and shares it further.

And this way, one person at a time, the world can be conquered with love and positivity.

Say ‘Today is going to be a great day’

Say ‘Today is going to be a great day’

How often does it happen that we look back at our day when it’s almost over and based on what happened do we then decide whether it was a good day or not?

How about we take the control about what happens?

How about we control the day and not let the day control us?

How do we do that?

Before you sleep at night, let that last thought be ‘Tomorrow is going to be a great day.’

When you wake up in the morning, let the first thought be and say it to yourself, ‘Today is going to be a Great Day.’

Set that precedent by yourself to yourself.

By saying this, you have set the tone for the day, you have set the pattern of your thoughts, you have set the mood for the day.

Now you won’t let the results decide the outcome of the day, but your actions will.

Say ‘Today is going to a Great Day‘ and experience the magic.

P. S. This is not a wand spell that will wave its magic at you, but it’s more of a mantra that you use to get back the control of your day.

#8 of The Last 7 Days (27.04 – 03.05)

#8 of The Last 7 Days (27.04 – 03.05)

With another Sunday, here’s the eighth edition of my weekly series, The Last 7 Days.

What’s it about?

It’s a weekly series where I talk about what I read, what I listened to, and what I saw in the last seven days.

I’ve been told my choices are pretty good to consume and I should share them with everyone, so you don’t have to just browse through.

If any of the below-mentioned topics interest you, let’s chat – @rth24 on Instagram.

What To Read:

  1. How Coronavirus Changed the Way We Watch, Listen and Play

    Read here.
  2. The Impact of Coronavirus on Social Media Engagement for Brands

    Check it out here.
  3. The coronavirus crisis is creating unique new types of stress and insomnia, but there’s a way to tackle them both.

    Read it here.
  4. Read here on Why Men Grow Beards When Times Get Tough
  5. What to do when you can’t sleep?

    If you face this issue, give it a read here.
  6. Bill Gates on the first modern pandemic

    Check it here.

What To Listen:

*The links being attached redirect to Spotify, but you can search for these episode titles wherever you listen to your podcasts.

  1. How Boredom can lead to your most brilliant ideas?

    Listen to it here.
  2. Seth Godin talks about why TV is so bad.

    Listen here.
  3. Inside the world’s biggest lockdown (India) on the Today, Explained Podcast.

    Check it out here.
  4. Dr. Michael Greger talks about energy drinks and how it affects your health, on his podcast.

    This is a must listen. Here.
  5. Lewis Howes interviews Nico Rosberg and talks about his journey on becoming a F1 World Champion, on his podcast The School of Greatness.

    Listen here.

What To Watch:

  1. Behind the Scenes of Joker with Joaquin Phoenix and Todd Phillips

    Watch it here.
  2. Kartik Aaryan interviews Luke Coutinho on his series, Koki Poochega and discusses physical and mental health.

    Watch here.
  3. I’m a Kumud Mishra fan and won’t miss a good breakdown of his journey in this interview on ScoopWhoop Unscripted.

    Watch it here.

There is a lot of insightful, engaging and entertaining content mixed in all of this.

If any of these topics interest you, then your time will be well-spent.

You can check out the previous editions of The Last 7 Days – here.

The pressure we put on ourselves

The pressure we put on ourselves

I think you may have noticed this as well, and let me know if you agree with this thought!

There’s an enormous amount of pressure that we put on ourselves!

The pressure to achieve a goal, to complete the set tasks, to fulfill an obligation, to complete something within a set time, to impress someone or any other kinds of pressure one puts on themselves.

To top it off, it’s all self created, the pressure, no one is pressuring you to do so or even cares about it.

That’s the bottom line.

Because we don’t realize this, we keep feeling that pressure and live day after day and keep doing something, out of pressure and not out of enjoyment.

If we change that scenario, then there would be no pressure at all. Whatever is done, is then done out of satisfaction, fulfillment and happiness.

Too much baggage

Too much baggage

Do you feel that pressure on your shoulders?

I think its because, all of us, carry a lot of baggage along with us.

Wherever we go.

Baggage of emotions.

Baggage of opinions.

Baggage of negativity.

Everyday it gets heavier and heavier.

If that bag is not emptied bit by bit, it’ll reach a weight where it wouldn’t be possible to carry it anymore.

More than that, it would actually stop you from moving forward.

Let’s have a look at what’s inside that bag and try emptying it bit by bit.

Don’t be too hard on yourself

Don’t be too hard on yourself

Plans change.

Goals change.

Thoughts change.

Behaviors change.

When you walk that path of upgrading yourself, a lot of things start changing in your life.

Although, on this path, sometimes things don’t work out too.

It happens.

No one is perfect.

At such a point in life, remember to not be too hard on yourself.

Because, that makes it worse.

That will make you more negative.

Accept that sometimes things are out of your control or it was not meant to be.

That is (one of) the lesson(s) you learn when you walk upon the path of self-improvement.

The First Lesson Nature Teaches Us

The First Lesson Nature Teaches Us

Nature teaches us a lot of lessons, there’s legit so much to learn. However, do you know the first and the most important lesson that it teaches us?

Nature gives.

It gives and gives!

And asks nothing in return.

It’s purpose is to serve.

That’s the ultimate lesson to learn.

The world we live in, everyone knows how to take. Even if someone gives, there’s always some intent to take in some way or possible.

That pure intention of give, give and give is rare, extremely rare.

But, also our purpose.

Which, coincidentally also gives us happiness, satisfaction and fulfillment.

The answers lie here.

The answers lie here.

We keep searching for answers.

If we can get the answers, it’ll be a lot easier to move onto the next step.

We don’t ask questions, but that’s a different issue altogether.

Today, let’s just focus on the answers.

Where are they?

Where can we find them?

The answers lie in the


When its silent is when you can hear the answers the loudest.

It is then when you can hear only what you needed to hear.

No inner noise.

No exterior noise.

Just you, the silence and the answers.

If you don’t love yourself…

If you don’t love yourself…

If you don’t love yourself first, then how will you love your day, your thoughts, your emotions, your actions, your results.

If you don’t love yourself first, then how will you share that love with others around you.

If you don’t love yourself, then how will you love what you do.

If you don’t love yourself, then how will you love your life.

It all starts with that.

Loving yourself.

Loving your strengths as well as your flaws.

Loving your mistakes and your failures.

It’s all a part of you.

Start with that.

#7 of The Last 7 Days (20.04-26.04)

#7 of The Last 7 Days (20.04-26.04)

With another Sunday, here’s the seventh edition of my weekly series, The Last 7 Days.

What’s it about?

It’s a weekly series where I talk about what I read, what I listened to, and what I saw in the last seven days.

I’ve been told my choices are pretty good to consume and I should share them with everyone, so you don’t have to just browse through.

If any of the below-mentioned topics interest you, let’s chat – @rth24 on Instagram.

What To Read:

  1. Our PM has posted this article on ‘Life in the era of COVID-19‘ which talks about the new normal, the new work culture and our adaptability towards it.

    Read about it here.
  2. Covid-19 Could Lead to the End of B-to-B Brands as We Once Knew Them

    Read here.
  3. Instagram Live usage jumped 70% last month. A psychologist says it’s because ‘people are not designed to be isolated.’

    Read about it here.
  4. The Business Case for Apple and Google’s Social Altruism

    Check it out here.
  5. I read this article about the growth of Coronavirus scams and how people will continue to lost more money throughout the rest of the pandemic.

    Read about it here.

What To Listen:

  1. Marcus Rashford and Paul Scholes, together on the Manchester United Podcast. A treat to hear.

    Check it out here.
  2. Karthik Srinivasan and Varun Duggirala talk about communicating and adapting during lockdown and beyond, on the Advertising Is Dead Podcast.

    Listen here.
  3. Mark Cuban talks to Kara Swisher on the Recode Decode Podcast, about what capitalism and entrepreneurship looks like in the post-coronavirus world and what it would take for professional sports to return.

    Listen to it here.
  4. Tim Ferriss talks about Fear Setting on his podcast, The Tim Ferriss Show and how it is his most valuable exercise, which helps him in avoiding catastrophic mistakes.

    Listen here.

What To Watch:

  1. Ashley Graham talks to Casey Neistat (the king of YouTube as she describes him on the show and he is) on his journey, his success and future projects on her podcast, Pretty Big Deal.

    Watch it here.
  2. David Dobrik partners up with EA and does a ton of giveaways and it’s just a happy video to watch!

    Check it out here.
  3. I recently finished this TV show, Succession – it’s just wow, easily in my top 10 of shows. I came across this video, ‘Top 10 Reasons why Succession is the Best Show on TV‘ and found it quite apt.

    If you’ve seen the show, only then watch this video here.
  4. I love Shark Tank, just love it, there’s so much value in that show. I’m talking about its US version. I’ve heard a lot of its Australian version too, and I recently came across this video, titled ‘The Biggest Deal in Shark Tank history‘.

    If you’re into such stuff, you’ll like it. Watch it here.

There is a lot of insightful, engaging and entertaining content mixed in all of this.

If any of these topics interest you, then your time will be well-spent.

You can check out the previous editions of The Last 7 Days – here.

When the situation is against you

When the situation is against you

You know what’s easy?

To be positive when you’re in a relaxed, calm and peaceful state of mind.

It’s easy to think right, act right and do right in such a situation.

You’re in an empowering situation at that time.

The trick is when the situation is against you.

What happens then?

If you aren’t able to keep your cool and calm on your thoughts, on your words coming out of your mouth, on your actions…

It means you’re still not ready.

It means you still have to grow.

It means you’re not in control of your emotions.

It means you still have a lot to learn.

However, the more important part of this equation is for you to realize that.

De-clutter In and Out

De-clutter In and Out

When you actually take the time out and take a look at your surroundings (your personal space, your work space, your wardrobe, your house) and at the same time, a look within yourself too, you’ll notice that there’s a lot of clutter around.

That cluttering leads to congestion of space which hinders the space for freshness and growth.

An unarranged pile of papers or books has an effect on your thoughts and ideas and execution too.

An unarranged pile of clothes, an unfolded bedsheet, an untidy home has an effect on the positive thoughts that you’re trying to attract.

When you de-clutter your exterior surroundings, it gives you the organized space needed for your growth. The cleanliness leads to clean thoughts within you. The openness leads to more ideas within you.

Although, it doesn’t end there.

What more is needed, is a de-clutter within yourself too. Once the exterior is done, then its time to work on the interior. The negative thoughts, the toxic thoughts, the comparisons, the ego, the arrogance, the discouraging opinions is all a part of the de-clutter.

The in-and-out de-clutter leads to a positive space around you and within you – a space for more positivity, for more confidence, for more growth, for more ideas and for more execution too.


You have a Recycle Bin too.

You have a Recycle Bin too.

In computing terms, a recycle bin is the place where the files you delete from your computer are temporarily transferred, until they are permanently deleted within 30 days or immediately, as per your choice.

Well, why are we talking about this?

Because there’s a lot, literally a lot of unnecessary data in your mind too, filled with a lot of outside voices and opinions and doubts and toxic emotions.

Even if that’s true, what’s that got to do with the recycle bin?

So, here it is.

You have a recycle bin within you too.

You have the option to temporarily or permanently get rid of those unwanted things in your mind, which aren’t helpful to you or rather, are a hindrance to you.

That process starts with being more mindful about your thoughts, what’s filled in your mind, what drives you, what stops you and then having the power to say to yourself, that these certain things will not affect me anymore.

*Make Use of your Recycle Bin*

Is the Earth in a better place now?

Is the Earth in a better place now?

Is the Earth in a better place now?

The skies have cleared up.

The water is cleaner than before.

The pollution levels have gone down, drastically.

The air quality has improved.

It’s not just me saying this, but the pictures, the data, the numbers, they are a proof of these statements.

The studies show that earth’s ozone layer is finally healing now.

This doesn’t mean that the planet is improved now, but at the same time, it has certainly improved than what it had become or rather, what we had made it become.

Clearly, climate change was and is still a huge issue and this is something that I believe will happen, now that we know how to unite together in times of uncertainty, maybe something similar will happen towards the topic of climate change as well, when our current crisis clears up.

Another positive impact that has recently happened is the animals’ freedom, who are roaming around freely without any fear, who are roaming around the streets.

What does this mean?

Well, there can be all types of opinions, and of course we can’t have the majority of the population on lockdown to reduce the air pollution, the water pollution, the noise pollution, and all the other kinds.

What can we do is this, become aware of the positive changes on the environment, when we humans aren’t actively available to exploit it. And when we’re back to normal, we see to it that somehow, we don’t cause the same amount of damage to the planet as before.

It’s a small step for a single person, a single community, a single nation, but huge if everyone does it.

Post that, then the next step obviously would be to repair the existing damage with steps that would protect our future.

It’s high time that, every single individual on this planet realizes the impact he or she causes to the planet.

P.S. Happy Earth Day!

A Lost Opportunity!

A Lost Opportunity!

If we don’t take away anything valuable or anything life-changing out of this current situation, isn’t this a lost opportunity then?

For everyone, of all age groups, we are all in the same situation, facing the same crisis, however, we’re facing something like this for the first time ever, in our lifetime.

In some form or another, there has to be some takeaway from this.

It could be, with regards, to your personal life, to your work, to your habits, to your mental and physical health or probably, from the entire viewpoint of life.

There is a chance here to build upon that takeaway you have taken from this situation, and see where that thought process takes you.

It could lead to something new in your life, that’s the lost opportunity you shouldn’t miss out on.

Is there another choice?

Is there another choice?

You can feel anxious, you can be stressed, you can feel bored, you can be worried, but at the end…

There is no other choice but one…

To be positive in your mind,

To be patient,

To be calm and

To stay isolated in order to keep yourself and everyone around you safe.

#6 of The Last 7 Days (13.04-19.04)

#6 of The Last 7 Days (13.04-19.04)

With another Sunday, here’s the sixth edition of my weekly series, The Last 7 Days.

What’s it about?

It’s a weekly series where I talk about what I read, what I listened to, and what I saw in the last seven days.

I’ve been told my choices are pretty good to consume and I should share them with everyone, so you don’t have to just browse through.

If any of the below-mentioned topics interest you, let’s chat – @rth24 on Instagram.

What To Read:

  1. The Real Reason Every Fashion Company Is Now Making Face Masks

    Read here.
  2. Wondering when the vaccines for coronavirus will come out? Johnson & Johnson will have 600-800 million coronavirus vaccines by 2021. Read more here.
  3. The Path to Happiness Hasn’t Changed. This is a good read on happiness and if you want to happy, give it a read here.
  4. Why the ‘Normal’ may not return until 2021? Read here.

What To Listen:

*The links being attached redirect to Spotify, but you can search for these episode titles wherever you listen to your podcasts.

  1. Organisational psychologist Adam Grant talks on how Quarantine will transform the way we work on the Recode Decode Podcast.

    Listen here.
  2. Sleep scientist Matt Walker discusses the impact of sleep on mind and body and why sleep matters now more than ever on Ted Talks Daily Podcast.

    Listen to it here.
  3. On the Sports Wars Podcast, there is a seven episode series on the rivalry between Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal and it’s quite interesting. I’m on the third episode now and it’s more of recollection of memories for me, because I have been following tennis almost since the start of Rafa’s career.

    Check it out here.
  4. Salil knows how to interview and ask the right questions and on this episode, he has the spiritual leader Gaur Gopal Das on his podcast, Off Script with Salil and this episode is one to listen.

    Listen here.
  5. On the podcast, 22 Yarns with Gaurav Kapur which is all about cricket, Gaurav talks to Sunil Gavaskar on this episode and discusses the days from his cricket career.

    If you’re into cricket, listen to it here.

What To Watch:

  1. How Satellite Images reveal the Global Impact of the Coronavirus
    Watch it here.
  2. Kartik Aaryan has started a new series on his YouTube channel, Koki Poochega where he is interviewing everyday superheroes. It’s fun, it’s uplifting and it’s inspirational. On the first episode, he talks to Sumiti Singh, one of the first COVID-19 survivors in India.

    Definitely give it a watch here.
  3. Rajkumar Hirani discusses his first film, Munnabhai MBBS on Film Companion.

    Check it here.
  4. Anubhav Sinha talks the craft of making films and his journey on Scoopwhoop Unscripted.

    Watch it here.
  5. Anupam Kher‘s series, Conversations with Myself on Instagram is truly motivational and every video of the series should be watched.

    Check it here.

There is a lot of insightful, engaging and entertaining content mixed in all of this.

If any of these topics interest you, then your time will be well-spent.

You can check out the previous editions of The Last 7 Days – here.

The RAMA Beats – my new playlist on Spotify

The RAMA Beats – my new playlist on Spotify

Guess what! 🎧

I’ve a new playlist on Spotify called ‘The RAMA Beats’

The RAMA Beats is a soothing, melodious and evergreen playlist of songs from Ranbir Kapoor (‘s films), Arijit Singh, Mohit Chauhan and Amit Trivedi.

I’ve come to this conclusion that songs of these artists and actor are perfect for any time of the day, for any mood you’re in and you can never get tired of listening to their songs.
*You can click the link above to access the playlist


Search for ‘The RAMA Beats’ on Spotify


Say OK Google, play The Rama Beats on Spotify*
P. S. Complete Transparency, I’d made this playlist back in November, but never got around to sharing it – so here it is, finally!

P. P. S. If you like this curated playlist, do share it ahead too! ❤️

Focusing on the Negative!

Focusing on the Negative!

Focusing on the Negative is easy!

Did that confuse you?

Or are you more curious now?

Focusing on the negative is easy, because negativity is everywhere!

We are surrounded by it. You don’t even have to search for it.

With thoughts, actions, conversations, habits, time, in every phase of life can we have some negativity and then we can dwell about something going wrong or rather, something not going our way.

It’s the opposite, i.e. positivity that requires efforts.

At least, initially.

It requires efforts to find some positivity around you and to then let it form your life. To let it have that positive effect on your thoughts, on your habits, on your actions, literally everywhere.

Being molded by positivity requires efforts to remove the existing negativity from your life, and at the same time, to not get absorbed by it in the future.

Let me elaborate that!

Even when you walk the path of positivity, you will still get negative thoughts, you might still dwell about something, you might still feel low, but this time, it won’t hinder your life for long and now you’ll know how to get over it.

Focusing on Negativity is easy, it’s the opposite that requires efforts.



Over the years, surrounded with the usual day-to-day problems of life, everyone thought, could we survive this or could we survive that.

Then those problems would pass and we shifted to the next set of problems, thinking them to be life-altering.

However, those could be addressed as struggles, but they never really were life-altering.

What is life-altering?


What we are currently facing.

The coronavirus crisis.

This is something that the majority of the population has seen for the first time, we have never seen a lockdown like this before too.

This is all about survival now.

If we can survive this, then we can survive anything in life ahead.

Everything in the future will then be compared to this crisis, if we survived this, then is that problem even relevant to us!?

Whatsapp Forwards

Whatsapp Forwards

We have all come across a few WhatsApp forwards that turned out to be fake and in recent times, there’s a surge in such messages.

I want to understand two things here, one, what is the psyche of the person who creates these “fake” messages in the first place, and what joy does one get out of doing so?

There have been audio messages too, making the rounds which the officials then confirmed as false information.

A person who deliberately creates a false message, with the thought that it’ll be spread ahead and be considered as news is certainly not in the right state of mind.

The second thing that I want to understand is the mindset of the people who receive these messages, believing what’s written within a second and not only that, but they also seamlessly forward it ahead too.

If it seems like crucial/ important information, why not check through a official source first,


Google the information you have received.

Both of those methods would help reduce the panic and the anxiety that these messages provide to the receiver and there would be no widespread misinformation too.

What’s not shut during the lock-down?

What’s not shut during the lock-down?

Today’s post is inspired from a post of Anupam Kher on Instagram, and before I write further, I’d like to share that his IGTV series, ‘Conversations with Myself’ is so amazing and a definite watch. His perspective of looking at these topics he talks about is what sets apart these videos.

This post below, is one of such where he talks about the things that aren’t a part of the lock-down and that we can enjoy at this time. It’s such a brilliant post which I’d like to have on my blog forever.

Watch it and let that sink in.

Are you alright?

Are you alright?

How are you feeling during this lock-down?

Are you feeling alright? Are you stressed out? Are you feeling anxious?

Are you sharing your feelings with anyone, at this time?

If you’re alright, then I’d like you to reach out to others and find out if they are.

Communicating more and more at this time is really helpful for anyone and everyone. The more you communicate, the better it becomes for the other person.

If you’re feeling anxious, stressed or worried, one, it’s perfectly okay to feel this way. Second, communicate and reach out to your loved ones. Once you open up and share your feelings, there’s a load off your shoulders and you start feeling better in due time.

More importantly, what I want everyone to know is, we’re all in this together.

And we’ll come out of it together too.

#5 of The Last 7 Days (05.04-12.04)

#5 of The Last 7 Days (05.04-12.04)

With another Sunday, here’s the fifth edition of my weekly series, The Last 7 Days.

What’s it about?

It’s a weekly series where I talk about what I read, what I listened to, and what I saw in the last seven days.

I’ve been told my choices are pretty good to consume and I should share them with everyone, so you don’t have to just browse through.

If any of the below-mentioned topics interest you, let’s chat – @rth24 on Instagram.

What To Read:

  1. Yuval Noah Harari talks about the world after coronavirus and it’s an interesting one.

    Read here.
  2. TOI has an article on ‘Small Maharashtra town shows how cluster containment works

    Check it out here.
  3. A NY restaurateur talks about laying off his entire staff and his hopes of the future on Business Insider.

    He tried to do everything right, but against natural circumstances, what can one do. Give it a read here.
  4. AdWeek writes about 18 Tips on Advertising During the Coronavirus Crisis.

    Read here.

What To Listen:

P.S. I listen to my podcasts on Spotify, thus the links attached redirect to that platform. However, you can search for the titles wherever you listen to your podcasts.

  1. Rocky & Mayur of Highway on my Plate now have a Podcast, titled Highway on my Podcast! For those who don’t know, I’m like a mad fan and I’m not missing the opportunity to listen to this.

    Check out the podcast here.
  2. The Today, Explained Podcast has a episode on ‘The Loneliness Pandemic‘ and they talk about how the coronavirus crisis is affecting elderly during this time.

    Listen here.
  3. On the Tim Ferriss Show, he discusses with Ryan Holiday on ‘How to use Stoicism to choose Alive Time over Dead Time?

    Listen to it here.
  4. Dr. Steven Gundry talks about the Healthy Foods you should never eat and boosting your immune system during COVID-19 with Lewis Howes on his podcast, The School of Greatness.

    Don’t miss it out; check here.
  5. I recently discovered this podcast, WTF with Marc Maron and his interviewing style is quite unique. I heard his episode interviewing Ashton Kutcher and it was a good one.

    Listen here.

What To Watch:

  1. If you read books too, you’ll love this one – ‘How Bill Gates reads Books‘ on YouTube.

    Watch here.
  2. If you’re like me who hasn’t seen Bad Boys 2, Will Smith uploaded the first 9 minutes of ‘Bad Boys For Life‘ on his channel.

    Check it out here.
  3. I saw The Platform on Netflix, and that film is wow. It’s a metaphorical take on capitalism and believe it or not, quite relatable too to the current times.

    It’s short in duration and interesting. Give it a watch here.

There is a lot of insightful, engaging and entertaining content mixed in all of this.

If any of these topics interest you, then your time will be well-spent.

You can check out the previous editions of The Last 7 Days – here.

Don’t feel guilty!

Don’t feel guilty!

This time that we have, can be used productively! It can be used for our self-growth, both personally and professionally! And with so much time in our hands, we can do a lot, literally a lot, that couldn’t be done before.

However, this is what I want you to know.

Don’t feel guilty if you wanted to have a productive day and you couldn’t.

Don’t feel guilty if you had prepared a lot of tasks for the day and you couldn’t complete them.

Don’t feel guilty if you wanted to take a day or two days or three days break and just cool off.

It’s when we started feeling worse about ourselves, is when things go wrong. It becomes negative.

Those negative thoughts tend to become a voice inside your head for everything.

I realized this and wanted to convey the same for anyone reading this and trying to make the most of the lockdown that is going on.

Don’t feel guilty!

Take it One Day at a Time!

Take it One Day at a Time!

We don’t know how long will this go on, we don’t know when the lockdown will end and we don’t know what will happen even when it ends and until we don’t get the vaccine?

However, thinking about all of this may make anyone anxious.

What every single one of us can do is,

Take it One Day at a Time!

That’s the easiest way to deal with this and not feel anxious and focus on being safe.

Fear Less, Love More

Fear Less, Love More

When you fear something, you start fearing it even more, it leads to anxiety and stress and over-thinking about it.

That is what is happening with the current situation as well.

We constantly fear of it. Not that we shouldn’t be careful, but we shouldn’t be in constant fear of it too.

Fear is a form of negativity in our mind, it brings a negative reaction in our brain, which further leads to a decrease in our immunity system as well.

On the other hand, love plays the complete opposite role of that. Loving ourselves more, loving others around us, spreading that love around has that very positive affect on our mind and body.

Thus, fear less and love more is something that is apt for us right now and should be on our minds, at all times.

This time will not come again!

This time will not come again!

I understand that this is a uncertain time, we’re facing an invisible enemy, lives are at stake.

I understand the fact that a lot of brave people from different sectors have put themselves at risk out there, in order to keep us safe.

I understand that a lot of people are working from home.

Today’s post is for those who are at home and aren’t able to work from home, due to various reasons and even for those working from home, who are able to get some extra time than usual.

This time will not come again!

Hear me out!

One, we obviously hope that such a time doesn’t come again, because technically it’s not a good time, and we all know that!

At the same time…

Never before has anyone got so much time in abundance, in their hands, ever, that they could use this to an advantage.

Advantage, how?

Well, you’ve always taken the time to work, to socialize, to relax, to watch a movie, but never for your self-care.

It was always brought down to, “I don’t have time for this”.

However, there are no excuses now.

You’ve all the time you need, to work on your inner peace, to work on your mindset, to work on your thoughts, to work on your habits, to work on your voice.

(If you want to know what do I mean by voice, hit me up on my Instagram – @rth24)

Why would you want to waste this time and not use it to your advantage?

A life-changing advantage?

People crave for this time, people are not able to get out of their day-to-day lives for this time, but you have it.

I can only bring this awareness to you, the choice is always up to you, the choice to change for the better, is always up to you. I, of course cannot force it up on you, but at least I can make you aware of it.

This time will not come again!

House Chores!

House Chores!

Everyone who’s isolated at home is playing some role when it comes to the house chores, right?

Whether you were already doing it, or are doing it now, every member of the house has taken up the mantle of doing something or the other – so there’s no pressure on any one member (whether in case of family or with friends, it applies if you’re staying with multiple people)

During these times, I’ve taken up the responsibility of cleaning the house (i.e. brooming and mopping of floors), sometimes I play the role of a sous-chef and cooked something, a couple of times.

However, here’s what I wanted to entail through today’s post!

I’m not sure if I am the only one, but since cleaning is on me, I’ve become a tad-bit more mindful when it comes to living day-by-day.

Here’s what that means?

Earlier, I knew the house will be cleaned at some point of time, during the day and even I drop/ leave something on the floor, it’ll be cleaned up after.

Now I’m more mindful that I don’t dirty the house anyhow, and that has also shifted to the other works at home, for eg. with utensils etc.

Plus, on top of that, I’ve started to enjoy the work, it feels like I’m doing something for my home, not to forget the body workout which happens, everything counts.

Have you felt this too or am I the only one?

Learn to be Still!

Learn to be Still!

When you were outside, you wanted to be inside. Now that you’re inside, you want to be outside.

Isn’t that so?

When you were constantly out for work, you were missing the time at home, you wanted to be at home, you wanted to take a break. Now that you’re at home, and it’s been just 10 or 15 days since the lock-down, you’re eager to just go out and not be at home.

Let me share something with you, this feeling of not being able to be at one place, not being able to be with yourself will continue not just now, but forever unless you learn to be still in life.

You need task after task to keep you busy, so you don’t have to be alone with your mind, so you don’t have to listen to your thoughts, so you don’t face your real emotions.

This is again, because you’re not able to stay still.

Your body and your mind are not able to stay still.

That anxiousness, that eagerness will continue within you to jump from task A to task B.

The way to learn to be still is meditation. When you meditate, you learn to align your breath in-and-out, you align your mind with your body, and you become still in that moment. It is then when you experience magic.

It is that stillness which takes you to a place where indoors or outdoors, it doesn’t matter to you, you learn to control your situation and not let the situation control you.

Learn to be Still!

#4 of The Last 7 Days (29.03-04.04)

#4 of The Last 7 Days (29.03-04.04)

With another Sunday, here’s the fourth edition of my weekly series, The Last 7 Days.

What’s it about?

It’s a weekly series where I talk about what I read, what I listened to, and what I saw in the last seven days.

I’ve been told my choices are pretty good to consume and I should share them with everyone, so you don’t have to just browse through.

If any of the below-mentioned topics interest you, let’s chat – @rth24 on Instagram.

What To Read:

  1. Naval Ravikant on Happiness is not Science or Math.

    Read here on his blog.
  2. I read this article on Business Insider, titled ‘The coronavirus pandemic will dramatically change advertising

    If you’re interested, read here.
  3. I’ve written a new blog this week on why this is the best time to create content.

    Check it out here.

What To Listen:

  1. Google has a new podcast, ‘Think with Google Podcast‘ and in a recent episode, ‘The Power of #WithMe‘ where they discuss the increase in video consumption and how the trends are changing to “with me” videos.

    Listen here.

    P.S. I’m a Spotify user, so I attach links for that platform, but you can choose to search the title wherever you listen to your podcasts.
  2. Kara Swisher interviews Gary Vaynerchuk on the Recode Decode Podcast and he talks on the coronavirus crisis forcing the businesses to be better.

    You can listen to it here.
  3. Varun Duggirala, the host of ‘Advertising is Dead,’ discusses Content in the time of Corona with Jay Mandel, the founder of The Collective NYC.

    Check it out here.
  4. Seth Godin on his podcast, Akimbo discusses Creative Destruction.

    Listen here.
  5. Mark Cuban talks COVID Responses from the government and the businesses’ point of view on the Business Casual Podcast. Listen here.

What To Watch:

  1. I saw the best piece of content ever – interesting, insightful and just wow. Kunal Nayyar talks on how to stop obsessing about the future & programming your mind for peace on ‘On Purpose with Jay Shetty.

    Do watch it here.
  2. John Krasinski started a new show on YouTube called ‘Some Good News‘ – its full of positivity, inspiration and well, John Krasinski.

    The first episode was out last week, if you haven’t watched it yet, watch here.
  3. Kunal Kamra interviews Tejasvi Surya on his podcast series, Shut Up Ya Kunal; form your own opinions after watching it, but definitely don’t miss it.

    Watch here.
  4. Tim Ferriss talks about how to use writing to sharpen your thinking. Watch it here.
  5. I saw on Maska on Netflix and I really, really loved it. It’s uplifting, it’s inspirational and it’s fun.

    I’ll recommend this. Watch here.

There is a lot of insightful, engaging and entertaining content mixed in all of this.

If any of these topics interest you, then your time will be well-spent.

You can check out the previous editions of The Last 7 Days – here.

You have a Responsibility right now!

You have a Responsibility right now!

I’ve been reading on social media, I’ve been reading the news reports here and there and I have been talking to people and you know what I’m noticing – people aren’t taking the self-isolation and social distancing seriously.

There’s this thought that goes around – that even though I’m outside, I’m taking precautions and people are standing at a distance. It doesn’t work that way though! (You should only go out, unless absolutely necessary)

You don’t know who the others have met or where have they been; it is your responsibility to follow the lock-down and stay away from everyone as much as possible.

You have a responsibility to not only take care of your own health, but also the health of your family. You going out could make you a carrier, even though you might not feel any symptoms and that could have an effect on the others (family) around you!

You have a responsibility to keep everyone safe, simply by staying home, that’s it.

If you’re reading this, please stay at home, please follow the rules, please stay isolated and distance yourself from others.

You shall not Pass!

You shall not Pass!

Negativity • Bad Vibes • Haters • Drama • Problems — we are surrounded by these things, all the time, in one way or another.

We let these elements bring us down, we feel bothered by them, and our lives are affected every day because of each of these elements.

You know what?

It’s time we take a stand and say to all the negativity, bad vibes, to all the haters, to the unnecessary drama, and to all the problems -⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀


Say this to your mind, stand with positivity around you and in this process, also learn to train your mind accordingly!

You are always in control.

You are always in control.

You’re always in control of your thoughts, your actions, your behaviour, your emotions, your habits, your goals and your happiness.

There’s always an external factor in play, an external factor – at times bigger than you and your life.

Can you let it influence you or your thoughts or your emotions?

Once you set the baseline, that I’m the one in control of my thoughts, then no external factor can influence your thought process.

That same logic is then applied to your emotions, your habits, more importantly, to your happiness as well.

How do you be in control?

With practice. Understanding the difference when you are in control and when you are not.

Understanding the factors that bring the change in you.

Pushing yourself everytime you notice that change.

That requires self-awareness as well as the will power that you do want to do so.

The power to bring change comes from within.

It’s always up to you, and remember that you’re always in control.

Current ‘Distractions’

Current ‘Distractions’

During this time of self-isolation, you have a choice

You can either continue to distract yourself with activities that keep you distracted,

Continue to keep you distracted? Haven’t we always been distracted in our day-to-day lives, whether its social responsibilities, work/home responsibilities, financial responsibilities?

And now? Well, there is that eagerness to just spend time somehow, on your smartphone, on your TV, consuming content, watching movies/ shows, playing games, one activity after another just so we can be physically and mentally distracted.

OR you have another choice…

You can choose this time to explore yourself, your mind, your true needs and wants, your true goals and aspirations, learn to control your thoughts, learn to control your emotions, learn to control your mind.

It seems like a burden, but its not. Its a choice to redefine your entire life, its a choice to take the path to change your life, its a choice to get out of the program that we’re in.

Program? We are always in a program, a program to do something – a task or anything, and then shift to another one. And every program is operated in a certain way, that is done in the same manner by everyone. Wouldn’t you want to get out of it and see things differently?

When you evolve and your perspective changes, you want to see others upgrade as well, you want to see others evolve, you want to see everyone grow too, for them to realize their potential, maybe that’s the reason for my constant push of working on yourself.

Beauty in Nature!

Beauty in Nature!

I AM loving the
freshness of the trees
sound of the birds chirping
zero honks on the road
time to be alone
time to grow

Now that we are isolated at home, now that there’s silence everywhere, you start noticing the small things which was taken for granted, but now you see those things differently.

There are a ton of things that we take for granted and at times like these is when we understand their value. Today, I just want to focus on nature and its beauty though.

Talking about trees, the birds, their chirping sound, the peace, when was the last time, I or anyone else focused on that. It’s always about some task at hand, some situation going on that we are tending to, and we never take that break to notice the beauty in nature.

And through that beauty, can you notice the beauty within you as well. When you are alone, just noticing the trees, the birds, the silence, you are able to feel that silence within as well. Its these times when you enjoy and love the time to be alone; you love this time that you have taken which also helps you grow.

There’s a beauty in nature which we take for granted. Today, I realized that and just admired that beauty outside my window (because we have to stay inside our homes), but I want you, as well, to take the time out and go through this process.

Enjoy the nature, enjoy the beauty, enjoy the silence outside and inside.

This is the best time to create Content!

This is the best time to create Content!

Creating content, no matter the quantity, applies to every brand and individual when it comes to connecting with their audience and building their brand base online.

Its an ongoing battle to create content constantly which connects and aligns with the brand, keeping the different social media platforms in mind.

During this time of self-isolation, as you nust have already noticed, there has been an uprise of content everywhere.

However, there are a lot of people who are a bit skeptical as to whether they should create or not and what should they create.

Let me tell you this – this is the best time to create content on the social media platforms and let me also explain why.

Everytime when it comes to creating content, in terms of the corporate brand or the personal brand, the creator will think a few times whether its up to the mark or not, and whether it can be improved.

What I am about to say, applies especially to new creators, but also to everyone else as well.

With mostly everyone being isolated at their homes, and everyone being on their smartphones, on various social media platforms consuming content and thinking how should they spend their time wisely – they also know this – the one who is creating the content is also at home.

Now is that one time when you can focus only on your content, without focusing on the production, without focusing on the background, the lighting (not that you can shoot in darkness now, but you know what I mean), you can now compromise on the equipment (whether you have it or not) and just focus on the value to be provided to the audience.

Isn’t that crazy to think about?

Sure, the other things matter too, but not more than the content which is the essential element behind that video (I’m talking video here – because it is the most consumed type of content form right now).

This is the best form of a confidence booster for the creator, who doubts their content and who doubts whether what they created is postable or not.

Thus, why I say that this is the best time to create content.

Well, if you agree with this and/or if this has given you the confidence, go for it – start creating some content.

#3 of The Last 7 Days (23.03-29.03)

#3 of The Last 7 Days (23.03-29.03)

With another Sunday, here’s the third edition of my weekly series, The Last 7 Days.

What’s it about?

It’s a weekly series where I talk about what I read, what I listened to, and what I saw in the last seven days.

I’ve been told my choices are pretty good to consume and I should share them with everyone, so you don’t have to just browse through.

If any of the below-mentioned topics interest you, let’s chat – @rth24 on Instagram.

What To Read:

1. Why Singapore isn’t in a coronavirus lockdown — as told by a doctor of the country.

Read here.

2. 29 Movies on Netflix With Complex, Strong Women Leads That You Can Watch Tonight

Check it out here.

3. Read a report on ‘Social Media To Help Indian Digital Ads Market Reach INR 59K Cr By 2025’.

What To Listen:

1. 11 Indoor Activities to reduce stress, beat boredom and boost Positivity by Jay Shetty.

Listen here.

2. Listen to this episode of Today, Explained – a podcast by Vox Media where they talk about Asia’s second wave of COVID-19.

3. Manchester United have their own podcast, yep, you read that right. In their latest episode, they interview Juan Mata and talk about his journey as a footballer.

You can listen to it here.

4. Salil Acharya has a new podcast on Spotify, Off Script with Salil and he interviews Taapsee Pannu on her life beyond movies.

Listen to it here.

5. Akimbo – a podcast by Seth Godin, if you don’t know who he is, Google him. In one of his recent episodes, he talks about the curation of information on the internet and its quite interesting.

Do check it out here.

What To Watch:

1. Rajeev Masand has a new series on YouTube, Catching Up during Self-Isolation and he interviews Pankaj Tripathi in one of the episodes. What’s special about this episode is Pankaj Tripathi’s point of view on life and isolation and what can we learn from it.

Watch it here.

2. Director Rian Johnson breaks down a scene from ‘Knives Out‘ and explains the process behind shooting that scene.

Watch it here.

3. The Internet Said So, a podcast by Varun Thakur, Aadar Malik, Neville Shah and Kautuk Srivastava where they discuss random, absurd, interesting stuff from the internet.

In one of their recent episodes ft Biswa Kalyan Rath, they discuss Conspiracy Theories and well, its comically interesting to watch.


4. Dann Mace, a YouTuber with some fascinating and gripping content has a new video titled, ‘getting old with Casey Neistat‘ and Casey makes a super interesting point on the perspective of turning 30.

You should definitely give it a watch here.

There is a lot of insightful, engaging and entertaining content mixed in all of this.

If any of these topics interest you, then your time will be well-spent.

You can check out the previous editions of The Last 7 Days – here.

Talking to Children.

Talking to Children.

Have you noticed how people need to be spoken to, like children – constantly saying the same thing again and again. I can’t seem to recollect how many times, the news channels, health organizations, the national leaders must have repeated, over and over again, to stay inside your homes, to maintain social distancing, to isolate yourself from people.

And just like children, these people kept defying the orders and are the same people who then still roam around, break curfew and are the ones because of whom the isolation days goes on increasing.

It’s a global thing, I’ve been seeing this on Twitter, Facebook everywhere, on media outlets.

What I am thinking about is, why do people behave this way? They know the repercussions and yet choose to do so. Do they have no control?

This is something that affects life, and there’s just one message being delivered through every medium of communication – stay at home.

This is just one instance, because self-isolation is being followed in a lot of countries, and everywhere the one rule is being defied by people.

However, there have been multiple times, over the years too, when people have to be spoken to like children, because they just aren’t able to grasp the severity of the situation.

They just want to do the opposite of what’s being said – it couldn’t be about thrill, because some situations, like the current coronavirus crisis affects life of that person’s and everyone else around them too.

Today’s blog topic is one of those rare ones, where I’m stuck with the question and would definitely like to understand the psychology behind this.

A common level of Humanity!

A common level of Humanity!

How majority of humans used to behave, almost until a month back to now everyone being the same – more or less, and hopefully we make these changes a part of our life, instead of it just being a temporary phase of life.

Life has a funny way of teaching us lessons, don’t you think so?

No more materialistic comparisons,

no more competition,

no more ego,

doesn’t matter who you are,

doesn’t matter how rich or poor you are,

Life has brought everyone to a common level of humanity, where everyone wants to just stay alive.

Everyone is fighting together and wants to come out of this together.

This level of humanity should be appreciated and should be taken forward as well, because when we walk together, we grow together and we can tackle our problems together!

Do you over-think?

Do you over-think?

We’re all victims of overthinking, aren’t we?

Thoughts, thoughts, thoughts, there’s no stopping it.

We love thinking, we assume it’s productive, which it is but then we to drop down to a layer of theories and imagination that takes up too much of our time.

The problem could be a ‘Level 1’ issue, but our overthinking will take it to ‘Level 20’ in our mind.

However, is there a way to stop it?

Not entirely, there’s no easy way out.

What can we do?
– You need to train your mind, day in day out; it’s a long process to reach a point where you consciously become aware of your thought/s and when to divert from it. This comes in the form of meditation.

– Start by rethinking what you just thought and whether it was worth it or not, that process will start making you aware of your thoughts.

– Have a specific time allotted for the deep thought process when you think about your future plans/ tasks/ actions/ current problems etc (time wise/ work wise/ action wise) and not to proceed down that path at any different time.

– Apart from what you can do internally, what helps externally is execution. Execute at a level where you don’t have the time to think. Planning and scheduling, yes, but with execution a time will come when there won’t be enough time to overthink anything.

– Also, what helps the best is music, another form of mediation. Music has the power to sway our minds from any situation and not let it distract us. What are the occasions when you start over thinking? Substitute those occasions with music and see the difference.


It’s a gradual move; neither of these methods bring you immediate results, but you always start with step 1 and build it from there.

Perspective has changed, hasn’t it?

Perspective has changed, hasn’t it?

With everyone that is happening around us, the social distancing, the home isolation, the panic and the chaos, everyone’s perspective towards life has changed, hasn’t it?

We had a different perspective of looking at life earlier, when everything was normal. It was all relax and chill, focused on short-term planning and long-term planning. But, revolved around planning and planning.

Now, with this pandemic, hitting masses on such a scale, now when it comes upon yourself, then everything changes. Now it becomes, why was I focusing on this, does that even matter, and that perspective changes. Do you agree?

Sure, work is important, goals and ambitions are important, still are, but things like this make you question that you cannot leave things for the future. You cannot postpone something for tomorrow, because is there a tomorrow?

You got to do what you want right now. That is the perspective that I take away from this. You need to express your feelings, instead of keeping them bottled up. You need to pursue your dreams right now, because when else. You need to be with the ones you want to, right now, not in the future when there will be more time in your hands.

Who knows what happens 5 years later? You have to take that step right now and just take the leap, in whatever sector of life you were hesitating with.

Life is important, life is precious, life is about now. Living now, living in the present, not the past, not the future.

This should always have been the perspective, but even if it changes now, why not, better late than never.

Health, First.

Health, First.

There is nothing, literally nothing in life that comes ahead of your health.

There can never be anything important for which you could risk your health.

You have to take care of it and also, the health of everyone else around you (not to forget, your actions shouldn’t lead to others’ health getting affected in the first place)

If your health isn’t right, then what is even the point of anything else for which you were risking it.

Do you understand what I’m saying?

The time of Self-Improvement!

The time of Self-Improvement!

Have you ever focused on
– your thoughts?
– your habits?
– your ideas?
– your goals?
– your food habits?
– your hobbies?
– the content you consume?
– your mental and physical exercise?
– practicing gratitude?
– the skills you want to learn?

One would usually say, they are busy with the hustle and bustle of their life, i.e. work, that they don’t have time for all these things.

Ain’t that the truth?

Well, with the time of social distancing and self-isolation, also came the time of


Yes, you read that right, this is a better time than ever, to improve yourself.

In your day-to-day life, along with work, you’re also surrounded with stress, worries, deadlines and over-thinking.

Guess what? Poof, none of that is following for the most of you. Agreed?

Why not use this time then to answer those questions above and more that you’d have on your mind?

Why not make a list of items that you’ve always wanted to do to work on your inner self?

This is a time you have, where can work on these things and not get distracted by anything else.

It might only change you for the better, and create a better life path for you, you never know!


#2 of The Last 7 Days (16.03-22.03)

#2 of The Last 7 Days (16.03-22.03)

With another Sunday, here’s the second edition of my weekly series, The Last 7 Days.

What’s it about?

It’s a weekly series where I talk about what I read, what I listened to, and what I saw in the last seven days.

I’ve been told my choices are pretty good to consume and I should share them with everyone, so you don’t have to just browse through.

If any of the below-mentioned topics interest you, let’s chat – @rth24 on Instagram.

What To Read:

1. “31 Important Things You Should Say No to For a Happier Life” by Danny Forest.

It’s a pretty detailed article, a lot to learn from and full of value.

You can read it here.

2. Bill Gates took to Reddit to answer the community’s questions about the pandemic, the government response, and what the world can do to be better prepared.

Check it out here.

3. In this time of self-isolation, a lot of you wonder what do we do with our days, thinking about that and my previous thoughts on why isolation is always a good thing from time-to-time because of the ‘me’ time it provides you, I decided to write an article about it.

Titled ‘What to do in Self Isolation?‘, you can read the article here.

What To Listen:

1. A podcast called Business Wars with a pretty self-explanatory title focuses on different brand wars in their episodes.

One such series was on Facebook v Snapchat, a seven-episode series, which is quite insightful and should be heard if you’re interested in business.

I’m attaching the link for the first episode here.

2. Dr. Daniel Amen speaks on the most powerful habits for a healthy and productive brain with Jay Shetty.

This is such an incredible, mind-blowing episode, to add another thing here, he also talks about 11 things you should avoid for a healthy brain.

Check out the episode here.

3. Toto Wolff, one of the most successful team principals in F1 talks his journey from the business world to F1 on the Beyond the Grid Podcast.

Listen here.

(I haven’t heard this one yet, but he also spoke on Nico Rosberg’s podcast – Beyond Victory with Nico Rosberg. It’s on my list, but if you’d like to listen to it, here’s the link.)

4. Kara Swisher (one of the best interviewers out there) interviews Andrew Yang on the Recode Decode Podcast and talks about his universal income idea, his current company and his future plans.

Listen to it here.


BONUS: I’ve curated my own Playlist on Spotify called ‘The R.A.M.A. Beats‘. It’s a curation of songs of Ranbir Kapoor (‘s films), Arijit Singh, Mohit Chauhan and Amit Trivedi.

I’ve come to this conclusion that the songs of these four artists can be heard anytime, anywhere, no matter what mood you’re in, they’re just perfect.

Here’s the link if you’d like to check out the playlist.

What To Watch:

1. Hotstar has a new show starring Kay Kay Menon called Special Ops, based on terror against India and the manhunt to find the mastermind behind the attacks.

I’m only mid-way through the series, but its going really well until now. Based on what I’ve seen, you should give it a try.

Watch it here.

2. Bill Gates had given a Ted Talk in 2015, on how we’re not ready for the next outbreak.

Give it a watch here.

3. Kenny Sebastian has started a new YouTube series, called Getting There where he is interviewing people who love what they do.

I just saw the first episode of the series where he talks to Alicia Souza about her passion and career in illustrating.

Here’s the link to watch it.

4. I came across this YouTube channel called Director’s Cut where in one of the videos, Christopher Nolan talks about Directing the Joker.

He talks about the process, the behind-the-scenes, the acting.

Give it a watch here.

There’s a lot of valuable stuff for you to consume. If you’d like to discuss further, do reply here, via mail or on Instagram @rth24 or Twitter @rth_24.

If you’d like to receive the further editions of this weekly series via mail, hit me up.

You can check out the first edition of this series – here.

This is the best time to self-audit!

This is the best time to self-audit!

During this phase of self-isolation, when people have nothing but time and patience with them, there has never been a perfect set-up to audit yourself.

What do I think about?

What are my habits?

Where does my time usually go, in my day to day life?

How much time do I spend on my smartphone?

Where is my life at, right now?

Am I satisfied with my mental/ physical/ financial/ work life?

Can I better my finance process?

Is there something I can change to move forward in my work life?

Is my mind where I want it to be or is it hurting me more?

Do I usually eat the right type of food that should be put in my body?

Am I better than what I was yesterday?

This is the time to ask yourself these questions and with ample time in your hands, you can think about it, find answers within yourself and make the necessary changes.

How to make those changes?

Well, you have time and absolutely no need for shortcuts to make long-term changes.

You can learn, you can experiment, you can research, you can listen to the experts in the particular field (wherever you’re having problems).

You can pave the path ahead for you, yourself.

However, the choice to do so, is in your hands.

This is the best time to self-audit.

Things not in your Control

Things not in your Control

If there’s a lesson to be learnt here, it’s that no matter how much you prepare, no matter where you are in the life graph, there are times when some things are out of your control and you cannot do anything about it.

You have to roll with the flow; your overthinking or worrying or stress won’t change anything at all.

Its just how things are, and life brings us such moments from time to time to make us realize that.

All we can then do, is to work on things that are actually in our control – you know what’s in your control – your mindset/ your thoughts/ your habits – you can work on them/ make mistakes/ master yourself at it and know that when things spiral out of control, these things in my control are my assets which no one can steal from me.


#AnOpinionOn: Disappearing Stories are now Everywhere!

This too shall Pass.

This too shall Pass.

When a wave appears, no matter how big or small, when it hits the coast, it makes a splash and it passes.

Similarly, from time to time, we experience unwanted occurrences in life too, internally and externally. Mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

We wonder, why me?

Why is this happening to me?

We need to realize two things here…

One, the waves are going to appear in your life, time and again to test you, whether you can stand in your path or not. Sometimes bigger than ever.

You need to stay patient, true to yourself, in order to stand through that wave.

Second, it’s going to pass.

Nothing in life stays forever.

Unless you let it stay.

Unless, that’s not happening, whatever it is, is going to pass.

It shows how responsible you are!

It shows how responsible you are!

Amidst the coronavirus pandemic, the one thing that’s being said (apart from constantly sanitizing your hands), all over the world is, to avoid/limit human contact, to limit your social life for a while and stay grounded, to keep yourself isolated.

You might not care about yourself, but your actions affect everyone around you. You might not have the symptoms or the virus, but you could be the carrier, transmitting it from one person to multiple other people whom you’re meeting, formally or informally, because you wouldn’t follow the rules.

In a way, this small step speaks volumes about you, as a person.

It shows how responsible you are! If your actions affect others, and you could’ve prevented it, then of course, it shows how “responsible” you are.

Kind is the new Cool.

Kind is the new Cool.

A while back, what was cool? Having an attitude defined coolness; being popular defined coolness; being better than others felt cool.

It was a perceptive reality we lived in.

However, especially with the rise of social media and communication becoming easier than ever amongst individuals from all over the world, also led to the rise in the talk of mental health.

Which was good.

However, along with mental health, also the talk of values and beliefs and the baseline of what it means to be a good human. Amongst other important values, it brought kindness to the limelight, where people who were kind never thought it is something to be spoken about and the ones who didn’t understand its implementation in their lives now saw a difference between their current perception and the difference kindness brings in theirs and the lives of the people around them.

What is cool now?

Well, simply put, Kindness is the new Cool.

If you’re kind towards yourself, if you’re kind with your deeds and words, if you’re kind towards others, you’re cool.


#1 of The Last 7 Days (09.03-15.03)

#1 of The Last 7 Days (09.03-15.03)


From all the content that I consume, I try to choose those with value, where there’s something to learn, which can add something to your life.

Most of what I watch is surrounded around my interests, but I thought why not share it with y’all too, maybe there’s something that would interest you too, thus the weekly series, The Last 7 Days, where I talk about what I read, what I listened to, and what I saw in the last seven days.

If any of the below-mentioned topics interest you, let’s chat – @rth24 on Instagram.

What To Read
1. Have you ever found yourself viewing your Instagram Stories time and time again? When I came across this article, titled ‘Why Is It So Tempting To Re-watch Your Own Instagram Story?’ – I could immediately relate to it and found it interesting.

Read it here.

2. I read this article on YourStory, titled ‘Why Graphology is an effective tool for entrepreneur coaching?’ which talks about the changes you can make in your writing to alter a few traits within yourself. It also talks about certain writing ways which show what kind of leader are you.

Read it here.

3. I’ve picked up my first book of 2020 – How Google Works co-written by Google‘s Executive Chairman and ex-CEO Eric Schmidt and former SVP of Products Jonathan Rosenberg. I’m still reading it but it’s a lovely in-depth read of the behind-the-scenes of Google and how the company works.

What To Listen
1. Tom Bilyeu from the Impact Theory podcast interviews Dr Daniel Amen on the secret to ending Mental Illness.

Listen to it on Spotify here.

2. Tanmay Bhat talks about his comeback, his weight loss and about becoming rich, on The Ranveer Show. This one is quite insightful and provides a lot of value.

Listen here.

3. Jay Shetty talks to Yuval Harari on Why Boredom is Good for you – this episode is a true eyeopener, it’ll definitely change a few thoughts for you.

Click here to listen.

4. F1 has their official podcast called Beyond the Grid where the host, Tom Clarkson speaks to Lewis Hamilton about his F1 life and the life beyond it.

Listen here.

5. Pawan Rochwani (@pawan_rochwani), the founder of Platform for Artists and a good friend of mine has his own podcast, called When We Met – where, on this episode, he interviews the founder of La Kheer Deli, Shivang Sood for one of his episodes.

If you’re from Pune, you’ve definitely heard of La Kheer Deli, and I’ve been a customer since a long, long time. Listening to Shivang’s journey, how the brand started and what lies ahead was some quality time spent.

Listen to the episode here.

P.S. I listen to a lot of podcasts, so many that my Jan and Feb listens have trumped my entire podcast run-time of 2019. Nonetheless, these are some of the few episodes from this week that I wanted to highlight.

What To Watch
1. I’m a fan of Kumud Mishra, and I don’t know who couldn’t be, his acting is pure and genuine.

I came across a short film of his, Aapka Amitabh on Hotstar – short and sweet, interesting to watch, fabulous acting.

If you’d like to watch it, click here.

2. If you like films and you’re interested to know more about the thought process behind them, the vision of the creator, here’s one such video where Anupama Chopra of Film Companion interviews Rohit Shetty about his process behind making Sooryavanshi and his other films.

Watch it here.

3. I follow this channel on YouTube called Yes Theory, and their mission is to Seek Discomfort and every video of theirs is surrounded around that mission.

You should definitely check out the channel; however, one of their recent videos really touched my heart, titled ‘A Stranger’s Last 3 Months to Live’. What a person goes through in their last days, their mindset, it’s inspiring, it’s encouraging.

Give it a watch here.

4. If you haven’t seen Jojo Rabbit yet, you should definitely give it a watch – one of the best films of 2019 for me. The director of the film, Taika Waititi and actor Stephen Merchant break down one of the most comical scenes of the film and explain the process behind the scene.

If you love films, just not what’s on the screen, but right from it’s writing process to cinematography and everything, then you’ll like this video. Watch it here.

This was the first take on the series, The Last 7 Days. Hopefully, some of this content brought some value to you as well. Let me know if you’d like to exclusively subscribe to this weekly series and not the daily blog posts, and we can get that done too.

However, if you’d like to subscribe to all the blog posts, i.e. one every day, here’s the link to subscribe –

What To Do in Self-Isolation?

What To Do in Self-Isolation?

Amidst the coronavirus pandemic, a lot of the people out there, would willingly or unwillingly, be in self-isolation.

Self-isolation does not mean you’ve got the virus, but it also serves as a beforehand precautionary measure.

However, people’s day-to-day lives have always been surrounded with being in the office, for most part of their days. Now, with self-isolation, and if you’re working from home or not, it’s more than obvious that you’d end up wondering what to do with your days now.

Sure, you’d end up spending it on leisurely activities, such as watching films or tv series/ surfing the internet, but you don’t know how long the isolation may continue and how long would those same activities interest you.

Through this blog post, I want to send a different kind of a message, for the people out there, with what can you do in self-isolation (now or anytime later, in life too).

Self-isolation is quite a beautiful time in our lives, sure the timing of it may not be right at the moment, but, in general terms, for sure.

It’s a time which can be used to reflect upon yourself, know what you’re doing right, how has the past been for you, what steps can you take to change your future.

It’s a time to retrospect, to learn, to grow, to build yourself, to upgrade your skills, and also, at the same time, to relax, to chill, to calm your mind, to calm yourself, to get away from everything else in life.

This time of self-isolation, is for your mind.

You have the choice to use it wisely, every step you take decides whether that time is spent in an enjoyable manner or not.

Here’s a list of things you can do/ work on (if you’re ready to spend this time on yourself) –

A. Meditate

Any and all kinds of meditation, is good for you. Meditation can be done in various forms, and you can do it anyhow you want,

In the form of music, a walk, swimming, driving around, reading – it has been found that different activities can introduce a different meditative vibe within you – so whatever you feel is right for you.

However, the basic form, that we all know of, and the best way to meditate is to sit in an upright position, close your eyes, and focus. Focus on keeping your mind silent for a while. Focus on what your mind tells you at this time. Focus on what the body tells you at this time.

You can start with a few minutes and build it up from there.

B. Read

Another essential way of building yourself, your skillset, your mind is to read. The power of reading has innumerable advantages, but the key is to pick a genre/ style of writing which interests you. Pick a book which will bring value to you, which will make you think differently – once you start, you can build that habit as you read and in no time, it’ll become a part of your day.

C. Upgrade Your Skills

You can use this time of self-isolation to also upgrade your skills. There are courses, lessons, guides on the internet, that you can use at your disposal to strengthen yourself.

If you find a certain field of interest fascinating, if you want to build up on a certain skill, if you want to level up, you can spend that time on doing so.

It is, at the end, up to you, to schedule your day in a way, that can help you grow in every aspect of life.

D. Practice Gratitude

One of the most important things in life, is to practice gratitude. It is something that has to be practiced by yourself, every day, every hour, it is something that you have to feel.

With the power of gratitude, you learn to enjoy life for what it is, you learn the importance of life, you learn to enjoy the minute things in life, you learn to enjoy the process and everything that you do.

It is something that we often forget amidst the race of life. However, once you start spending the self-isolation time wisely, you then start to enjoy the beauty of life.

E. Practice Journaling

When you work on self-growth, another important element of that process is Journaling.

Not everyone is able to observe their life – their day from a non-judgemental point of view, that is the time when this wondrous activity comes into play.

When you write about your day, about your routine, about your process, your goals, your vision, you’re able to introspect your life in a way you haven’t able to before.

It gives you a different perspective, a different thought process, you then get a glimpse of your life and when you make those necessary changes on paper, you feel the power to do so practically as well.

That power is also felt when you constantly write about what you want and are then able to convert that written energy into bringing it to life.

F. Eat Food that’s good for the mind and the body

When you’re by yourself, when you are in complete power of choosing what you want to eat, when you feel every bite of what you eat – with time, you become conscious of your eating habits.

You tend to realize what is good for you, what isn’t. Whether that food is an asset for your body or a liability.

With self-isolation, also comes this consciousness – which is again lost, in the race of life. When this happens, you start making the right decisions in life, and also with your eating habits.

You now want to eat what’s good for you, for your body, for your mind. You will ultimately make the right choices, you don’t need anyone to tell you what’s right to eat and what’s not.

G. Limit your Smartphone Usage

By now, if you’re following all the pointers, you’ll know the importance of self-consciousness, self-growth and how that time is then consumed for other activities.

One of them is the smartphone usage, used for different purposes, but mostly for entertainment. Now the question arises, how much of that usage is bringing value to you.

Whether that usage of content is helping you grow, or whether that short phase of contentment is enough to trump long-term happiness.

That question and this thought process is enough for you to understand how would you like to use your smartphones and what kind of changes are you now looking to make.

H. Consume news for information, not absorption

Another important element, which happens when you’re by yourself, is the consumption of news.

The explanation is to be up-to-date with everything that is going on.

The problem arises, when instead of consuming that information, you get absorbed by it. You let it sway your emotions, your thoughts and now your actions or words are defined by what the news sources tell you. You are not in control.

The working of the news sector depends on views, and the more controversial they make it, the better for them. What we, as consumers, fail to realize that it is also playing with our minds, our thoughts and our actions.

The better way is to, just consume it and not get absorbed by it. Again, this is better said than done – but with practice and mindfulness, you can then differentiate between the two processes.


These are some of the ways where self-isolation can do wonders for you, you can use it to your advantage and help grow yourself and your life.

Sure, these things sound serious at first, but when you make it a part of your life, they seem extremely enjoyable and obviously, beneficial to you as well.

However, its not always about working on yourself and working on your self-growth.

That alone time can be used for different purposes as well, as long as you balance your time properly.


You can use your time on watching some good movies and tv series out there, it sounds a bit ironical to what was said above, but if you watch the good ones, there’s a lot of value addition as well.

Plus, entertainment is entertainment. The key is to be conscious with your time management and not forget what time it is, with non-valuable time-consuming activities.


Before I end, let me also take this opportunity to highlight another important factor for a lot of you, who will be reading this.

If you aren’t content/ satisfied with your day-to-day, you can also take advantage of this self-isolation time in building your side hustle.

A side hustle which interests you, which you feel passionate about and take this time to learn about it, to build it, work on it and ultimately introduce it to the market.


Without realizing the importance of self-isolation, most of us generally see it as, “Oh, we can’t do this, we can’t do that”.

However, once you realize its advantages, you then know how you can make it work for yourself.

Sure, I’ll say this again, the timing of this forced self-isolation (due to coronavirus) may not be right – but, you can use it to your advantage.

Once things become alright, instead of getting back to the running around lifestyle from before, you can still use this self-isolation time then and use it for your benefit.


P. S. If you’re happy with where you are in life, with what you do, you can continue to do. This post is for those who want to learn, grow, be happy in life altogether, not just at work and are not able to turn things around, with the way their life is currently running.


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9 out of 10.

9 out of 10.

We work; we try; we experiment; we fail; we succeed; we learn.

Although, do you know what happens?

9 out of 10 times things may not happen the way we expected it to.

And that’s okay!

That’s the beauty of life!

Life doesn’t give you always what you wanted…


It’s that one time when you succeed, you get what you wanted, you reach your expectations.

That’s the one you got to remember.

That one pushes you to try another 10 times, out of which, yet again 9 out of 10 times things might not go your way.


To the point.

To the point.

Whenever it comes to conveying something, either in the form of writing, speaking or any form of communication, the best way to convey it is being to the point.

There is certainly no need to stretch out a topic because time is of the essence – for you and for the one who’s consuming your content.

If it is short and sweet, and yet to the point, it’s a win-win situation for everyone. Isn’t it?

One Year of Blogging! #365Blogs

One Year of Blogging! #365Blogs

I have been writing blogs on a daily basis for a year now and this is blog no. 365!

Do you know what it means?

Today, I complete One Year of Blogging, having never missed a day!

Whilst writing, I’ve come across some really interesting ideas/ thoughts which I’m sure, if not for blogging, couldn’t have been penned down the way it happened now.

Which brings me to the highlight of today’s blog post, because providing value on a daily basis is the base of why I do what I do.

If, after one year of every day blogging, I had to sum up my learning from it, it’d be the following –

  1. Daily blogging has widened my thought process in a way, that I’m able to concentrate on my thoughts better than before and write more freely on a topic that I think is important to talk about.
  2. Talking about writing freely, one of the most important learning was my writing process. To be honest, I wasn’t good at the writing stuff, the grammar, the vocabulary, the punctuation, the sentence formation – there’s a lot to think about when it comes to writing.
    However, writing on a daily basis has opened it up for me and now, I’m more confident about it than ever before.
  3. All of this has also allowed my creative channels to open up – try to think more creatively while writing, how can a certain topic be said in a different manner so it brings more value than, if said directly.
  4. Also, having kept a scheduled time to post before, and without failing to post on a daily basis, it has also allowed me to develop a creative discipline within me which doesn’t have the space for “creative blocks” or “mental blocks”, because at the end of the day, I know what I have to share and I cannot back out of it.
  5. Lastly, it brings so much value to the people, the way they respond after reading something – it’s extremely joyful to know that your writing has made a difference to someone’s life.

Blogging is fun and no matter how many trends or platforms change and evolve, text as a medium of communication will never change and something like blogging is here to stay!

Thank you to everyone who take the time out to read these blogs, either on a regular basis, or even a particular one, once in a blue moon, when it seems imteresting to them. I’m ever grateful to all of you.

Keep reading, keep enjoying!

Your feedback is always valuable.

Cannot wait for blog no. 3600 in 10 years!

Life is full of Colours!

Life is full of Colours!

What is life, if not full of colours?

Every colour representing something beautiful about life. Each bringing its own set of joy, happiness, satisfaction, fulfillment.

We experience such beautiful moments in our lifetime, right from living life each day to spending it with our loved ones to receiving food on the table to the opportunities we receive, our life provides us with quite a lot of such and more beautiful moments every day.

Only that instead of cherishing them, we pressurize ourselves with our wants and goals; and amidst all of this, forget to enjoy the colours of life.

On this occasion of colours, wishing you a Happy Holi! #2020

5 Positives and 1 Negative

5 Positives and 1 Negative

This is the most common reason most of us drop out of something we’re interested in, we get disappointed, we feel disturbed.

It’s all because of this one reason.

It’s called 5 Positives and 1 Negative.

Do you have any idea what I’m talking about?

Let me explain my perspective on this topic and you let me know whether you agree or not.

Whenever we do something in life, could be w.r.t. anything.

Literally, anything.

What happens after is the issue.

People meet, people discuss, people share their opinions about that something with you.

Now it always boils down to this very situation.

Whilst sharing their opinions, usually, you’ll get a lot of love, support, positive feedback, which also includes constructive criticism.

You’ll be happy after hearing/reading to all of this.

P. S. This could be face-to-face with people you know, it could be with friends and family, it could be online, on comments or groups, you get the picture.

However, here’s when things take a turn.

Amidst all of this, you get that one negative opinion as well.

Its a part and parcel of the equation.

One negative opinion which revolves around, “Why are you doing this?” “What are you going to get out of this?” “This is not even important” and various such opinions.

These opinions usually take a toll on you.

This is what I’d like to call 5 Positives and 1 Negative.

Where, in every situation, you’ll notice five positive approaches and one negative approach.

And that one negative approach overpowers the entire equation and that’s where you end up focusing.

Not the other 5 or 500 or 5 million positive comments or opinions that you received.

As a usual approach to life, we end up focusing on that one negative, it eats us up.

Why that negative? How can we change that? Was the person right?

And that’s where the problem lies.

That’s what we need to change.

Speak about this issue, make everyone aware and shun that negative voice altogether.

What more can be done?

Well, ultimately, the approach should be to enjoy the process. Enjoy why we are doing that certain something.

Be grateful for all the love and support and criticism, but altogether, do it for yourself, for the love of it.

So, as a result, nothing affects you at all.

Our Mind is so Unique

Our Mind is so Unique

Our mind is so unique and can be used for hundreds of thousands of different things!

We control it.

We can use it to our advantage.

Everything that we do, in our life, in our day, all begins from the mind.

You tell your mind what you want to do next, and it does that for you.

Be it controlling your body functions for a certain task to controlling your thoughts to focus on a specific topic.

Everything begins from the mind.

We shouldn’t let it overpower us; but we should overpower it – use it a tool to live life, to enjoy life, to be happy in life, to grow in life. Its all linked with the mind.