The soft spot of Perfection

The soft spot of Perfection

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The ones we admire, the ones we compare ourselves to, or compare others to, the ones we seek inspiration from – where does it come from?

We feel they are perfect – perfect in who they are, in what they do, so much so that we almost want to live their lives.

However, we forget that these “perfections” have a ton of baggages attached to them as well, and only the ones who have them know about them.

No one else.

Admirations, Comparisons and Inspirations come from the soft spot of perfection or our illusion of it.

In such a scenario, would you still want to live their life?

Or would you then just learn their ups and downs, live your own life, and try to implement or not implement from those inspirations and admirations?

What would you then choose for yourself?


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