Choose whom you Follow carefully

Choose whom you Follow carefully

With the internet at its current stage, it has also allowed a good number of voices to be present at the various social media platforms available.

As the audience, people have a ton of information available at the reach of their hands and they have the option to choose who they get this information from.

At such a stage, if you aren’t aware of your choices, there are people who can take advantage of your attention and try to sell you something, which you either didn’t want in the first place, or information that could be freely available elsewhere.

One person’s course is another’s free content.

When you use any of the social media platforms, as a consumer, you must become aware of what you consume, whom you follow and what appears on your feeds.

Understand the level of content that is being provided to you, either on a free basis or on a paid basis and the authenticity of it.

Overall, choose who you follow carefully.


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