If this doesn’t happen, then what?

If this doesn’t happen, then what?

Does this happen frequently to you as well where you end up thinking about an alternative scenario if the existing thing didn’t work out?

You don’t know the outcome of this existing scenario yet.

However, in your mind, you’ve already thought that if this doesn’t work out, let me think about an alternative scenario, or a back-up plan.

Instead of living in the moment, instead of enjoying the process, instead of being patient and waiting it out, you decide to think of this thing already failing.


Why such a thought process?

Why not have trust and confidence in this existing thing and patiently wait to check the outcome?

Why jump on to the next thing already?

When you live like this, then you’re never able to be in the current scenario, but always thinking about what’s next, what else, and be in the future than in the present.

Do you want to continue to live your life’s moments in such manner?


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