The Magical Solution to your Problems

The Magical Solution to your Problems

As human beings, we face problems every now and then, in every phase and sector of our lives.

Everyone has these problems and none are without them.

Some choose to care about these problems, they tend to solve them, some dwell about them and let them harm you more.

Nonetheless, whether its your internal battles or your career or your relationships, everyone has these problems, somewhere or the other.

We often think how to solve these issues?

What would be the magical solution to solve the problems of my life?

As complicated as our minds are, we tend to complicate these issues by thinking of angles that don’t exist (usually).

We form layers in these problems, and we take them to a level that wasn’t needed in the first place.

Sometimes you are able to solve them, sometimes one problem leads to then many more problems due to our process.

What is the magical solution to solving these issues then?

A lot of times, its the simplest of solutions that tend to solve these issues, but our complications made us ignore that solution.

Most of the times, it’s the simplest answers that solve the toughest of problems and once you find it, understand it, you say, “That was on mind”, or “That was so easy”.

Before complicating our issues with more issues, let’s narrow down the problem at hand with the simplest solutions that you can think of and see if it’s solving your issue or not.


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