But you thought it…

But you thought it…

Quite often, we carefully choose our words before speaking out loud.

Before speaking in specific groups of people or on online platforms.

There are people who say certain things in certain groups, but will portray that they’re quite the opposite to those particular thoughts, when it comes to their public image.

People believe what some say publicly, but only some know what someone’s whole picture is – in terms of who that individual is, whether they are really who they say they are or not.

And sometimes, not even that. Some people smartly keep their viewpoints to specific topics to themselves.

Here’s where the real crux of the issue is…

That you thought it.

No matter how you portray yourself publicly, no matter what your public image is, the real you is the person who has the realest thoughts that you don’t share with anyone, or at the most, amongst your closest peers.

That’s the person you are, that’s what your thoughts are.

You cannot really introduce change unless you nip that thought in the bud, unless you don’t have that thought at all.

Sure, you may have an alternative viewpoint when it comes to publicly sharing your opinion but what will you do about your real opinion that you’ve already thought of.

That’s the issue I personally notice, with regards to the current times.

People will support causes, become part of trends, but are really that person or are they simply boosting their brand persona?


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