FOGO (Fear of Going Out)

FOGO (Fear of Going Out)

After FOMO, i.e. Fear of Missing Out, there’s a new word in town – FOGO.

FOGO is Fear of Going Out.

The fear of going out during this pandemic.

Well, is it just the fear of going out?

It’s not just that, it’s about contracting the virus from someone else and that is the issue.

However, that’s just the upper layer of saying it, is what I feel.

It’s more about knowing that the other people around you may not be safety conscious as you and that is the real crux of this fear.

Only if, people individually, each and everyone of us, took up that responsibility that they’ll keep themselves as well as others around them safe and not causing any action that would change that.

Whether it is by wearing a mask, or by maintaining social distancing.

Simple solutions but only because they seem simple to such a huge issue at hand is probably why people don’t follow the precautions, at large.


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