#100DaysOfSweat – Mission Complete

#100DaysOfSweat – Mission Complete

Day 100 of #100DaysOfSweat – ✅

From not exercising from 2016 to 2018, to now not missing a day of exercise since the last 100 days, it’s been a roller-coaster! 🤪

There were times when I was physically feeling low, or health wise, or I was travelling, but nothing could stop that persistence of going again the next day!

These 100 days have taught me so much and have had such a positive impact on me – physically obviously, but mentally and spiritually too!

And, of course, completing 100 Days is no way an end, but just the beginning of a beautiful journey and I now hope to carry on as much as I can.

I know this, the moment I feel I’m not doing enough, another 100 days will start yet again! Although, I do feel, unless absolutely necessary, I’ll try my best to go on, every day, as much as possible!

I’d also like to add that this is the best start anyone can have – just start, forget new year resolutions, start now, have a target and don’t stop! ❤️

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