What the film, Warrior taught us!

What the film, Warrior taught us!

Movie In Focus : Warrior

A fight movie with an equal focus on family and relationships. With the number of things to be learnt from this film, the top two have been, the unique relationships between the brothers and the father and his sons.

With everything that they have been through, and how complicated their relationships were, what makes the movie great is how the movie progresses towards them seeking forgiveness and earning it from each other. Quite a beautiful moment from the film.

Another focus goes in the form of the lengths at which both the brothers will go to prepare for their fights. Everyone sees the competitiveness in the ring and how brutal the sport is, however, no one focuses on the training, the determination and the focus that is required for this level of fighting and behind the scenes of what goes on!

This movie teaches us a lot and is a perfect example of empathy towards every fighter and every sportsman, no matter which sport it is.

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