Did we introduce competition to limit ourselves?

Did we introduce competition to limit ourselves?

If we think about it, there’s abundance of everything. And yet, we tend to believe that the demand/supply is so less that there’s not enough for everyone.


I would like to believe that, in terms of businesses atleast, there’s a customer/ client out there for everyone – it’s a huge market and instead of being competitive, one could even share resources and build a bigger thing, for all we know.


However, we have been brought up in a way, to believe that everyone is extremely competitive in the practical world and the only way to survive is to fight everyone.

Making everything competitive tends to limit ourselves, in my opinion – we limit our growth saying the competitors are already doing that or they already have the market share or they have more capital growth so we cannot compete.


Instead of focusing on the same customer, how about shifting your focus to all the customers.

Competition is created by us, to limit us and not let us grow ourselves.

The only way is to focus on yourself and not let any external factor get in your way!


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