Shut the Noise and Live a Happier Life!

We live in an opinionated world today, filled with judgements from other people. The interesting scenario is, all of us, tend to care about each of these opinions.

We allow these people’s opinions to dictate our lives, who aren’t aware of our day-to-day, our mindset, our goals. We let these opinions sway our decisions and basically, continue down the traditional route every time.

Have you heard these before?
👉🏻”Why are you risking of starting up, when you can work at a stable job?”
👉🏻”This is certainly not the right time to start! You should wait for some time, gain more experience.”
👉🏻”What about financial stability? There are always ups and downs in a start-up!”

These are only pointers regarding entrepreneurship. Imagine listening to similar statements for all phases of our lives.

These judgements come from your friends, your relatives, your family, your colleagues, your seniors, everyone. These people mainly constitute the “Society.”

You should have the confidence in your decisions, then you wouldn’t give it a second thought, especially not from others.

You need that confidence, that even if it doesn’t work out, even if your plan fails, you won’t have any regrets since it was your own decision, and you will stand up and do it all over again.

You can only move forward when you can SHUT THE NOISE.

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