How Zazz Media was started!

How Zazz Media was started!

The execution is exciting, yet challenging when the idea comes from within you. I believe in this, plus I’ve experienced it too when Zazz Media started.

Ere November’15, a month before commencing, none of the steps taken in life was intended or calculated from the prospect of starting an agency. Never knew it would happen in the future!

One precise day in November when I thought, “This is it.” and all my strengths played like a movie in my mind leading up to that moment!* Let me explain!

→ Being in the family business of media publication since childhood and thoroughly visiting the office during the college days;
→ Pursuing courses such as Digital Marketing, Graphic Designing, Cyber Law, Express Yourself, Intro to Advertising, Photography – each done individually at different times and out of interest and not as a chain one after the other;
→ Running a Facebook page based on movie news/ updates back in 2009 out of sheer love for the film, but simultaneously and unknowingly gaining that digital exposure.
→ Starting a small production firm in the college days to experience the industry’s professional side – in turn, learning and loving the ‘Behind-the-Scenes’ process.
→ Above all, having the entrepreneurial spirit in me to explore and enjoy the new and the unknown.

Jump to November’15, having taken a six months break – during which the then mindset of not understanding the next step after graduation – would love to start a new venture, not knowing the what and when.

*The sudden realisation hits me, that its time to wake up and accomplish something right now. Pondering over my strengths, in hindsight not realising the answer was right there – somehow, somewhere, something clicked off in my mind, “Why not start an agency?”

Not knowing anything about the industry, how it works, what the process is, what the steps are, only excited me more, to try the unknown territory gave me the push. With no experience, there it was, the thought of starting Zazz Media.

Three and a half years since that moment! #ZazzLove ❤️

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