No Capital? No Experience?

No Capital? No Experience?

Do you have a potential business idea in your mind? Are you planning to launch your start-up soon? If yes, do you have the thoughts of not having enough capital or experience?

These are thoughts faced by many, especially in the initial stages. Although, at the same time, they aren’t something which should stop you from starting up.

From personal experience, I did not have enough knowledge of the industry nor the how of running a company. However, that’s the enjoyable part of this process. Figuring out on the road, as and when stuff happens. You have a road map in your mind, and you start implementing steps accordingly.

Your passion and your eagerness to perform make up for your lack of knowledge. Simultaneously, two situations occur at such a point. One, not being aware of all the theoretical knowledge, you tend to be more experimental and think outside the box – which helps better with clients in this industry. Secondly, as and when you take on projects, your learning and experience increase at every step.

Regarding capital, you can bootstrap or at the most, raise from your friends and family. Raising funds at the initiation phase is not a must.

In my scenario, I had raised a certain sum of money from my family itself, to execute the ‘must-do’ tasks while starting up, which comprised of shop act, domain name and several other registrations. In hindsight, these could’ve been postponed too, after some revenue generation.
These two are the major problems raised by people while starting-up. Moreover, neither of them should be limitations at all. There’s always a way to figure out, i.e. if you have that eagerness to start, irrespective of any problems.

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