The Hiccup

My goal, for a while, has been to improve myself and habitualize the necessary additions in life, so they don’t feel like a hassle anymore!

At the start of this entire process, everything kicked off to a good start,
– waking up by 5.30
– daily exercise
– clean eating
– reading books daily
These were some of the necessary additions which had an excellent start and had its ups and downs after a period of time!

Each of them have their days and then there are the off days, where I feel awful about not having accomplished those days, when it comes to these pointers.
Now, I have realised how social media can play a role in motivating me and pushing me forward and hopefully help others too!

I’ve now come up with daily challenges with regards to those above pointers, anyone up for them, do participate, hopefully it helps y’all too as much as it helps me!

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