Are you getting any value from Social Media?

Are you getting any value from Social Media?

Agree to it or not, social media is a boon to us. It has created so many opportunities, in every field, for anyone to use it, as per their interests.

Be it for a personal brand, for your company, as an influencer, or as an expert; you can use social media to your advantage.

However, when you only consume content, that too for hours, then,
1. You’re not gaining any value from it unless you’re following the ideal people and learning something from them. It’s short term fun, without any long term value.
2. When we have just 24 hours in our hands, you cannot spend a part of it, swiping around on memes and trolls. It’s not productive for you, from the long term perspective.

Statistics say, people, spend hours and hours on Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat and various other platforms daily. Ultimately, it becomes an escapism tool for some of them.

If only, one could utilise that time more productively. Again, this content is for those people who are stuck, who aren’t advancing and may not have realised where their time is being spent.

If you want to pursue your goals, chase your dreams, make a dent in this world, you need to rethink your time consumption habits and make changes accordingly.

Make its best use!

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